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Top 10 Nations Corner 2/3rd Global GDP

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The total GDP of the world economy is about $80 trillion today. Top ten economies make up a neat two-thirds of the total. These are United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, India, France, Brazil, Italy, and Canada.
The United States with a GDP of $24.4 trillion takes away nearly a fourth of the total GDP. China comes next, but a distant second with $12.24 trillion with 15.4% and 12.24% of the World total. Japan comes third with $4.87 trillion constituting 6.13%. Germany follows Japan with 4.63%. The United Kingdom comes 5th with 3.3% of the slice. India trails UK with $2.6 trillion and 3.27% of the pie.
Significantly, US, China, Japan and Germany contribute clearly 50% to the global GDP. However, the howmuch.net picture places Russia on the chart, it is missing among the ten large economies in the text. The chart shows the Russian GDP to be around $2 trillion which deserves it the 9th place. It is mysterious that at all on either the chart or the text. Our (Islamic Voice’s) own findings reveal that Russian, the world’s largest country (areawise) has a GDP of $1.57 trillion and could be placed on 11th position. The Russian economy has been in transition from command economy to market economy.
Here are some of the most important movements in world economy:
India has now passed France in nominal terms with a $2.6 trillion economy, which is about 3.3% of the global total. In the most recent quarter, Indian GDP growth saw its highest growth rate in two years at about 8.2%.
Brazil, despite its very recent economic woes, surpassed Italy in GDP rankings to take the #8 spot overall.
Turkey has surpassed The Netherlands to become the world’s 17th largest economy, and Saudi Arabia has jumped past Switzerland to claim the 19th spot.
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