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Interview with Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Q: How should we manage our ego?
It is very easy. It is said that when a peacock sees its beautiful feathers, it becomes proud, but when it sees its ugly legs, it becomes modest. The same is true of man. In every human personality there are plus points as well as minus points. Those who see their plus points become egoists, while those who see their minus points become modest. So, when a plus point comes to mind, turn your attention to the other side of your personality that has a minus point. And you will suddenly become a modest person. This is the easiest formula for maintaining modesty, and avoiding arrogance.
Q: Is it necessary to exercise restraint over our desires? If yes, how can we do this?
Our desires are unlimited, but our capacity is limited. Due to our limitations, we cannot fulfil all our desires. So, it is realistic to control our desires. If we fail to control our desires, we will fall into despair, and certainly no one can afford to follow a path that leads nowhere except to despair.
Q: Restraining desires is often associated with stifling personality development. Is this true?
This is a sheer fallacy. When unlimited desires cannot be fulfilled, trying to fulfil all desires will lead to negative, not positive growth of personality. Any scientific survey can disprove this kind of formulation.
(Extracted from https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/)