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Muslim worshippers from a new mosque in the UK won one of the Jewish community’s top awards honouring good deeds recently. Members of the new Islamic centre in the old Golders Green Hippodrome were recognised at a recently-organised Mitzvah Day awards for taking part in an interfaith blood donation drive. Acknowledging the joint blood drive as “a great vehicle to demonstrate the power of people of faith coming together,” Golders Green Synagogue and Interfaith Matters were recognised at the recently-organised Mitzvah Day awards.
Elsewhere, a Jewish cross-denominational school and an Islamic girls’ school in Hounslow in the UK jointly won an award for best youth achievement at this year’s Mitzvah Day Awards. Children from the two secondary schools came together to make apple crumbles for the homeless and volunteered together at Sufra foodbank in Brent, which provides a life-line for families living in severe poverty.