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Young Indonesian Thinkers in Germany

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Jakarta: As part of the project “Life of Muslims in Germany” the Goethe-Institut Jakarta, invited a group of Indonesian intellectuals and academics to take part in a recent study tour to the cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Goettingen. For two weeks, the 14 participants from across Indonesia had the opportunity to learn more about Islamic culture in a secular environment.
Due to the global rise of populism, nationalism and conservative movements, cross-cultural projects and interfaith dialogues can play a crucial role in fostering mutual understanding and tolerance.
“The participants get an insight into the religious practice and everyday life of Muslims through various encounters and discussions with Muslim organizations, as well as the role that Islam plays in German cultural and educational institutions, such as museums or universities,” said Heinrich Bloemeke, director of the Indonesian Goethe-Institut. “They also became acquainted with the sensitive ‘questions of faith’ in secular societies by meeting representatives of Muslim associations as well as politicians,” he added. Today, between 5 to 6 percent of the people living in Germany are Muslims.
(Extracted from jakartaglobe.id)