A Truly Happy Family

The Prophet’s Mercy
Learning to Be a Good Parent
Failure to Follow the Prophet’s (Pbuh) Advice

“The family as an institution designed by God can bring out its full purpose and meaning only when it is entirely built on the principles laid out by God. There is to be a consistent and constant effort by two persons who are first individually subject to God’s direction and therefore as a unit respond to God’s calling for the family. Anything contrary to this or outside this understanding applies unwanted pressures on this otherwise simple and complete relationship that God meant it to be. A family can be truly happy when God [“¦] is its foundation.
“But if a family is built on anything other than God, it will soon find itself in crisis. It is the vitality and living relationship with God that influences marriage and flows onto the children, influencing them positively and preparing them to respond appropriately to the pressures outside.”
(Source: Bonnie Miriam Jacob, ‘Changing Trends in the Family’, in S. Datta, R. Mondol, J. Koshy and C. Thomas (eds.) Talking Families).
“A marriage or a family that is centred on God has the source of true love to draw from. When the husband, wife and all family members are related with God in the right way, they begin to see one another as members of a team with God as their captain.”
(Source: Malsawmi Jacob, ‘Breakdown of Relationship’, in S. Datta, R. Mondol, J. Koshy and C. Thomas (eds.) Talking Families).