Devotion in Love

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Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi was on his usual round of the market to get some household needs. He stopped at a shop where a woman customer was engaged in collecting some grocery items. Purchases over, the lady opened the purse to pay for the shopped items. The shopkeeper refused to accept the money and told her: “Go away, no bill, no money. How could I accept money from one whom I love?” In fact, it was a conversation between the shopkeeper and his  beloved. But Rumi fainted and collapsed as the word hit his
ear drums. The shopkeeper got worried. He called for a bowl of water and sprinkled at the  Maulana’s face. Rumi regained consciousness after a while. Meanwhile the lady had left the place. After Maulana Rumi regained his composure, the shopkeeper asked: “Maulana! Are you all right? What happened to you?  Why did you faint? Could I be of any help to you in overcoming your worries?”
Rumi replied: “I felt extremely guilty. The bonds of love made you do away with accounts of the transaction while dealing with your beloved. But how unfortunate I am that I keep  counting on rosary beads every word of tasbeeh (praises of God) I utter? By this reckoning, I am afraid, my affection with Allah is very shallow and I stand no chance  of ever gaining his favour. (translated from Urdu by Maqbool Ahmed Siraj)