It is not a Weakness to Remain Silent!

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Prophetic Way of Showing Concern Towards People
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A man insultedAbūBakr (RA) in the presence of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). The Prophet remained seated. He looked pleased and smiled. The man continued with his insults until AbūBakr responded to some of what he said, upon which the Prophet became angry and stood up.
AbÅ«Bakr followed after the Prophet and said: “Messenger of Allah! He insulted me and you just sat there. Then when I responded to some of what he said, you became angry and got up.”
The Prophet said: “There was an angel with you who was responding to his insults on your behalf.”
Then the Prophet said: “AbÅ«Bakr, [keep in mind] three things which are always true, one of which is that whenever a person is subjected to an injustice but leaves the matter to Allah, then Allah will come to his aid”¦” [Musnad Ahmad] It is not a weakness to remain silent. It takes real strength. What others say will only hurt you if you let it. Construct within yourself a “refuse treatment plant” and try to turn other people’s insults into something constructive and positive that you can use for your own betterment and the betterment of others.
There are a lot of well-known stories about people who kept quiet in the face of accusations and insults. Some people do not feel the need to defend themselves and clear their names.
When someone criticizes you, insults you, or calls you names, do not respond. Do not try to defend yourself. Allow yourself to appear at a loss. See the positive effect that this has on you. As Allah said to Mariam when she gave birth to Eesa “And if you see any person, say: Lo! I have vowed a fast unto the Beneficent, and I may not speak this day to any mortal.” [SÅ«rah Mariam: 26]
For a few moments, let yourself feel that your stature has diminished. Then you will feel as if something mighty inside you has woken up and you will know that you have not diminished in the least.