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Every type of food has its own benefit. According to traditional sources, Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) particularly liked these food which have immense health benefits too.

By Asma Arshad

Barley, soaked in water, gives relief for cough and sore throats . The soup made from barley is also good for those suffering from fever. The Prophetic recommendation is that barley can be given to those with ailments of the heart and kidney.

Prophet Muhammad used to plant date trees himself. Fresh dates can be eaten by a mother at the time of childbirth. It helps in increasing the hemoglobin level and weight as well, and good for anemia.

Fresh figs are preferred to dried. Although quite nourishing, they are very hot. So eat it, for it is a cure for piles and gout.

Honey is the best remedy for diarrhea when mixed in hot water. It is extremely beneficial in the morning with warm water.

Olive oil is an excellent treatment for the skin and hair. Olive leaves can be chewed as treatment for inflammation of the stomach.

Pumpkin can lower the risk of prostate cancer. Have a cup of dried pumpkin seeds every day to keep the kidneys healthy and prevent formation of calcium oxalate stones.