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Greener Earth in Support of ‘One Tree by One Person’

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Bangalore: ‘Greener Earth’, an event to encourage tree planting and showcase the adverse effects of air pollution, was recently organized at the Magnifique Public School, ‘One Tree by One Person’ campus also called as Centre for Education, Environment, Culture and Human Excellence on Kanakapura Main Road. Students, staff and parents of the students from different schools, and people from different walks of life participated in the event.
Environmentalist, Author, Educationist Motivational Speaker and Founder of the Global Environment Movement One Tree by One Person, U S Moinuddin, interacted with the audience and said in his speech, “Major cities like Bangalore are experiencing a transition which is eventually coming at the expense of the health of the people. In the year 1971 there were about 1 lakh vehicles in Bangalore, now there are more than 80 Lakh vehicles moving on the roads. Toxic gases emitted from the vehicles are considerably responsible for lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases, allergies and skin diseases.” He also highlighted the importance of planting trees and their role in slowing global warming.
Many people participated in the event. Prof R Janardhan, Pro Vice Chancellor Dayananda Sagar University said in his speech,”The initiative to ensure each citizen to plant one sapling is truly a great one. Our society should collectively encourage One Tree by One Person to make our world a better place to live in.”
Sonia Singh, Aviation coach and Mrs. India 2018 said, “Children need to become aware of the ill effects of air pollution, and also, when a culture is developed in which they understand about the role of trees for our survival, they grow up into responsible adults.”
Admiring the green environment in the school campus, Ganesh Kumar, Managing Director and Founder of Sheen Sports Alliance, said in his speech, “Education and Environment go hand in hand in the campus, it is an amazing feel to learn in a campus full of trees.”
Students from various schools performed mimes and role plays to display their concern towards making our earth greener and safer.

U S Moinuddin with Sonia Singh