Sound Mind or Report Cards

The Hijrah

When we are taking pressure and passing it on to our children, then it will reflect negatively on the healthy atmosphere and relationship between family members.

These days, we are witnessing that parents have a lot of awareness about new streamlines for their children and better prospects in comparison to previous days. No doubt, it’s a good development, but at the same time, it carries adverse effects on their own children’s mental wellbeing. Here, the question arises how?

In the olden days, people were more concerned about the happiness and peace, and personal growth of their family members. Nowadays people are running after false status, managed by money and the heaviness of bank accounts, and their own children have become the source of income, source of earning, and source of appraisals for them. It’s quite natural, to feel proud if their children are getting good marks on their report cards, but a comparison of report cards is an unhealthy practice for the children’s mental health. Marks in the report cards are a presentation of a good memory or the time spent on memorizing the matter and keeping it till the examination day. It is that moment when he or she was able to recollect the chapter, he or she understood or memorized and wrote accurately. This is definitely a very good sign of the presence of the mind, but that is not the mirror or evaluation of his or her life skills. Generally, those children who are getting a positive atmosphere at home can memorize and write in the examination. But the child who goes through tough times in his or her house and performs well in the examination is having high willpower and determination which will help in his or her coming days to cope with difficult situations. So helping our children to understand their strengths and using them as life skills is more important than pressurising them to score well on the report cards.

Comparison between human beings’ capabilities and personalities is an unfair gesture. Though every child is unique and every human being has been created with one’s own attributes, Allah has blessed each and every one with certain qualities, and using those strengths to the fullest can make a better society. Instead, parents are emphasizing scoring high percentages and getting good ranks in the classes from toddlers to adult children. As a matter of fact, we are killing our own children’s kind side and gentleness which was programmed by Almighty Allah.

Nowadays every family member feels emptiness and loneliness. When we are giving this unkind treatment to our children, how can we expect a cheerful atmosphere at home? When we are taking pressure and passing it on to our children, then it will reflect negatively on the healthy atmosphere and relationship between family members. When we will not empathize now with our children and will not listen to them, how do they feel about this pressure, then how can we expect later they will realize our emotional needs when we will be weak and need them?

A child is a best friend, a helping hand, and a guide. We should try to enhance these qualities in them first so that a sound mind will give you that happiness that you want. No matter if he or she doesn’t score well in mathematics because you want him to clear CS or CA, he or she may be a good writer and become a motivational speaker or change maker which will bring you much fame and name for you and your family. Let them live and feel happy seeing them leading this life to the fullest.