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To me, Socks is/was an angelic cat

By Nigar
A plump and happy-go-lucky cat, Socks one day simply walked into the house where Tabby the ginger cat, and Pretty the dainty cat, also lived. I do not like calling the house ‘my house’ as much of the time Tabby and Pretty were hanging around there, and so it was like me living in their home, rather than the other way round!
The first time I saw Socks, he looked like a cute white pillow! After I spotted his short white paws, I felt that the name ‘Socks’ really suited him. The most beautiful quality of Socks was his informality. He did not wait for permission or follow the social etiquette of being invited to walk in.
Socks just needed the doors to open and he would saunter in, happily rubbing his head against the dining table chairs and settling down to munch cat food from the saucer. After that, he would find a place of comfort in some room, on the table or the bed, and snooze off. His face was heart-touchingly innocent, decorated with beautiful eyes, so that he looked like a stuffed toy! He had a lovely, long tail, which he always would keep up and straight, like an aerial.
Socks loved peace and quiet and did not chase fast-food like mice or squirrels. He was one of the most contented and calm cats I have ever met over the years. He was happy simply munching his cat food and sleeping. He had no great desires about ruling over the Kitty Kingdom like Tabby may have had or doing the cat-walk like Pretty. This was one of the biggest lessons one could learn from Socks: be content and happy with what you have.
Socks had been sleeping peacefully in the same room as me (I don’t call it ‘my’ room) at night. Then, sometime perhaps early morning he had walked out, as most Tom cats do: they love their freedom. He was not to be seen for about two days, only to return a day later injured. Refusing his favourite cat food and milk, he just folded his paws and sat with bent head. I applied some anti-septic powder on his injury, hoping that it would heal. Yet, Socks did not seem to get better. He looked dull and his eyes did not have the same beady glow.
The last time I saw Socks, he was sitting under a car in the backyard, refusing to eat. Hoping the sunlight would heal him, I prayed that God would take care of him and relieve him of any distress he was undergoing.
Looking at Socks sitting quietly with his head bent was extremely painful for me. How simple, humble and surrendered he was to God’s will! He had no expectations from anyone, no burdens in his heart, no grouses and grudges, no jealousy, no desires for fancy food or bed, no big dreams of changing the world or anything like that. To me, Socks is/was an angelic cat whose life has/had much to teach us.
We complicate our lives with unnecessary thoughts, knowledge, things, desires, wishes and what not. Contentment with ourselves and with God is what we all can learn from Socks, the saintly cat!
I do not know where Socks is now. He hasn’t turned up for many days. But I hope and pray that God, who is The Healer of all pain and suffering, is looking after him and patting him to comfort.
Hope lies with God and I have anchored myself to God with the hope that Socks is being well taken care of in God’s safe shade.