Minhaj Inter-Faith Welfare Foundation  hosted Eid Reception in Delhi


Minhaj Inter-Faith Welfare Foundation hosted Eid Reception in Delhi

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Bangalore: On May 16, the Minhaj Inter-Faith Welfare Foundation and the Minhaj Learning And Training Center in Bangalore jointly held an Eid Milan celebration in the national capital Delhi. The event, which drew notable figures from all walks of life, emphasized the need to foster and promote social harmony and human values.

The function turned out to be socially significant in the backdrop of the communal situation of the country as essential personalities such as Sufi Singer and MP Hans Raj Hans, National convener of India Parliament of Religions Gauri Sushilji Maharaj, Sardar Parmjeet Singh Chandok, Achariya Lokesh Muni, Fater Dr. M D Thomas, Prof Madhu Khanna, Anil Joseph Thomas Couto, Minhaj Al-Quran Karnataka’s chairman Ayub Ansari, Dr. Waris Mazhari, Dr. C K Bhardwaj, Rafeeq Ahmad Khan, Syed Sarfraz Mohiuddin Qadri, Zubair Ansari, Syed Salman Chishti, Dr. Ziauddin, and others.

The goal of the Eid Milan event, according to the organizers, is to promote universal human values, particularly the country’s Ganga-Jamani tehzib. Many speakers emphasized the country’s religious and cultural diversity, stating that people of all religions have lived here together for generations, their skin is the same colour, and their ancestors are the same. They claimed that no other country in the world has such diversity; this diversity is the country’s beauty and reward, which we must all endeavour to preserve.

The Minhaj Foundation promotes healthy relations amongst people of different faiths. According to the convener of the foundation, Eid is the reward for fasting during Ramadan, and it is critical that we must comprehend the essence of Ramadan and fasting. One of the most effective methods to bridge the gap between affluent and poor during Ramadan is to feel hungry. Be hungry to understand what hunger is all about, and be patient while doing good to close the gap. Love should be allowed to blossom.