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New Delhi: Naghma Siddiqi, Rajat Malhotra, Maulana Farhad Umri, Sufia Khan and Maria Khan, members of the Centre for Peace and Spirituality (CPS), based in New Delhi, made presentations on different aspects of Islam and Muslim life in India for first-year students of Vidyajyoti College of Theology, a well-known Catholic seminary in Delhi recently. The topics of discussion included the Quran, the preservation and compilation of the Quran, central themes from the Quran, the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and Islam among world religions. The basic theme of the Quran, the speakers emphasized, revolves around the creation plan of God. They noted that throughout the book it is made known to the reader that this world is temporary and that every person will return to God in the Hereafter. Islam helps one to prepare to face God on the Day of Judgment, they noted. For this reason, the main concern of the Quran is to inform the reader how to lead his or her life in the present world so that he or she can be settled in the high and noble society of eternal Paradise. The life of Prophet Muhammad served as a practical demonstration of this spiritual personality one needs to develop in this world.
This meeting was organised by Islamic Studies Association, a Catholic organisation.