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France and the Netherlands Religious Practices of Muslims on the Rise

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Paris: According to a survey conducted by sociologist Lagrange, the religious practice of young French Muslims is on the rise. Muslims between 18 and 35 years old tend to be more observant than the first or second generation of immigrant Muslims. They are also more assertive of their Muslim identity.
Such results are at odds with the dominant trend of decline of religiosity observed among other faith groups in France.
The reasons for such a rise are open to debate, said French daily Le Monde on November 5.
A survey by the national policy unity of SCP in Netherlands says, Dutch Muslims are visiting mosques in the Netherlands at least once a week. While the previous SCP survey in 2004 suggested a decrease in religiosity among the country’s Muslims, this most recent update suggests that this is no longer the case, particularly among Muslims of Moroccan origin (a population in which the number of mosque-attending individuals rose from 9% to 33% from 1998-2011).
According to the SCP, second generation Muslims who worship regularly feel a stronger bond with their family homeland than with the Netherlands.