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Italian man arrested for Anti-Islam graffiti in France

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An Italian was arrested in Avignon, southern France, after he smeared the walls near the entrance to the historic Palace of the Popes with anti-Islam writings, The Le Parisien reported, citing the deputy prosecutor of Avignon, Thierry Villardo. The man, in his 30s has been identified through surveillance cameras and he was stopped as he prepared to deface other walls with slogans against Prophet Muhammad. At least seven other similar writings were found in the city. It seems that the young Italian had an altercation with some men of North African origin before committing the act. “He had a fight with them” said the deputy attorney Villardo “and went to buy some spray paint, he is not necessarily a chronic racist and xenophobe, he was really angry.” The man is currently in police custody. The town hall of Avignon, the Papal Palace and the Bank of France have filed a complaint against him, according to Le Parisien. Even the Observatory of Islamophobia in the French Council of the Muslim Faith has announced its intention to file a complaint for incitement to racial hatred.