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Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism Widespread among Flemes

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Flanders:(Belgium): A recent study conducted by the Flemish daily, De Morgan in Antwerp and Ghent revealed a high level of Islamophobia and xenophobia amongst young Flemes. Accordingly, one in three Flemes has a completely negative view on Muslims and almost every fifth participant is correspondingly convinced that many Muslims are criminals. Almost one quarter of the respondents (20%) think Muslims should be prohibited from practising their religion in Belgium.
The study equally reveals a disturbing level of homophobia amongst young Muslims in Belgium: almost half of them reject gay marriage and one quarter considers violence against homosexuals to be well justified. 21% of young Muslim participants approve of the dead penalty for homosexuality in countries where it is still practised. Young Muslims on the other hand show a higher level of anti-Semitic views: 45% of them agree with the prejudice of “Jews being a dominant social group.”