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USIPI Conclave at Washington

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Washington D.C.: “Paradigm Shift – From Cries of Victimhood to Asserting our rights through policy intervention” was theme of the Eid gathering held in Washington DC metro area on October 28, a day after Idul Azha. The event was organized to introduce the launching of the US India Policy Institute in Washington DC. Hundreds of Muslims of Indian origin attended the conclave. It provided them an opportunity to meet some distinguished personalities of Indian Diaspora who have excelled in different fields and made their name in US government and private sector.
Dr. Abusaleh Sharif, Executive Director of USIPI, who is heading this new initiative made the pitch for Indian Community’s support for an historic initiative. Attaullah Khan, trustee, USIPI made the introduction listing the journey in its establishment, its needs and the road ahead.
The event concluded with a vote of thanks from the host Smt. Ishrat Khan, a well known influential member of the Indian Diaspora.
(Report by Syed Khader Basha in Maryland)