30 Lessons learnt at Discover Yourself Workshop  in Malaysia, hosted on the 13th-14th, January2024.

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30 Lessons learnt at Discover Yourself Workshop in Malaysia, hosted on the 13th-14th, January2024.

Schedule of Discover Yourself Workshop
Practices Learnt from DYS TT 2019

1. Shift Perspectives: “I am right, you are wrong” – leave this mindset that only my point of view is right.

2. Be an Active Participant: Be a player instead of being an observer. So, acquire the abilities to be a player. Be aware whether you are in the court (player) or stand (observer).

3. Conscious Salah: Recite and listen every verse, every word in salah (prayer). Being conscious.

4. Practice Relaxation: Relax, relax, while walking also. Accept to ‘WHAT IS’

5. Embrace Humility: I am nothing, Be in the state of “LA” to cultivate humility.

6. Forgiveness Lightens: Forgive and feel lightened (I forgive you for Allah’s sake). Completing the past. Unless you complete the past, you cannot be in the present.

7. Attentive Azan: Listen to the azan delivered at mosque, leave aside works and give full focus /attention to it.

8. Accountability: I am responsible to do my job and make others responsible for their job. Hold them to account and not make them wrong.

9. Acceptance of Reality: Whatever be the situation, take it as OK (accept the reality)

10. Respect Diverse Perspectives: People perceive things in their own way, I perceive in my own way. Both may be correct. Each one is blind and each one’s responsibility is to make the other person see what they cannot see but often we make them wrong.

11. Focus on the Present: Bring your focus and attention to the present task you are doing, whatever the task may be as simple as cutting vegetables, while Making ablution.

12. Equality for All: I am a human being, so I see and treat every human being as human being. All are equal.

13. Avoid Self-Questioning: In spiritual journey, no questions to be asked to myself why me?

14. Decision-Making: Life is happening, and we need to take decisions. Check decisions we make are based on reality or based on opinions, past or fear of future.

15. Importance of Diagnosis: For curing any disease first Diagnosis is important. If the diagnosis is wrong the treat is wrong. Diagnosis is based on reality or on assumptions.

16. Live in the Present: We must live in the present.

17. Consequences of Actions: If I break the law, I must pay the consequences.

18. Impact Others Positively: Making a difference to others even if it is a small thing.

19. Power of Words: Even one word is enough to change the world.

20. Be Mindful of Inner Voices: Listen to whisperer and be aware of it. Do not allow it to make decisions.

21. Differentiate Between Reaction and Response: You must be aware of the distinction between reaction and response. Human beings have a choice to respond, and reaction is animal instinct.

22. Teach Fundamental Values: Basic education every child must First learn to distinguish between Haq and Batil, good and evil.

23. Take Charge of Your Life: This is your life, you must take charge of it. You alone are responsible for your success and happiness.

24. Use Rational and Realization Faculty: Human Beings have Rational and Realization faculty. Man uses the rational faculty to deny or accept the reality.

25. Reality Check: Every moment – Reality check- Triple test – Haq or Batil (True or false not right or wrong) Good or evil , Beneficial or harmful

26. Spread Love: We are the Khair e ummah to establish love in the hearts of human beings. Love yourself and love every human being as human being for the sake of Allah.

27. Equality and Peace: I am at war with myself when I look down upon others. You break the law of equality and come out of peace.

28. Divine Perspective: From perspective of Allah, he is not a human being who cannot distinguish between Haq and Batil (True and false not right or wrong). We have a choice to live from Allah’s (Reality) perspective or from Human (Mind) Logic -reason- opinion- assumption perspective.

29. Hijrah – Abandon What Allah Dislikes: To embark on the spiritual journey we must ask what I must give up or what I should let go?. Hijrah means to give up or drop everything which Allah does not like, abhors.

30. Purpose in Life: Our purpose in life is to connect to Allah and live a life that Allah loves. When loves us He grants wisdom. For Allah to love us we must first disconnect from Satan (Evil) Ego. To connect with Allah, we must purify our heart. Those who bring Qalb- Saleem enter heaven.