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The Three Golden Days of My Life! Discover Yourself Workshop … The Real Gold Medal I Gained!

The two day Discover Yourself Workshop was held exclusively for academicians on 1 and 2nd September 2018 in Hyderabad. It was organized by All India Ideal Teachers Association (AIITA) in collaboration with HRD JIH, TS, and DYS Team.
Over 200 people participated and some of them share their experiences about the Workshop.

  • First, I want to thank AIITA and Dr. Sab, and I think everyone must attend this workshop.
  • I would like to thank my cousin for forcing me to attend this workshop, and this is the greatest gift I have ever got in my life.
  • The relationship between my husband and me has improved as I realized my own mistakes instead of blaming him always and it also sorted out some of my family issues.
  • It was very very informative and the real-life examples were great. Now I understood what the purpose of life is?
  • I got the how-to distinct from the real world and the world of perception.
  • In one word, It is unique. Your workshop really changes people’s lives.
  • I feel so lucky to have been blessed with the opportunity to attend your workshop.
  • Genuinely, one of the best workshops I have attended. Thanks for a fabulous workshop. I am so happy to attend, and the event was really good.
  • I must live in reality to invite others to the life of reality. This workshop builds the person to become a billionaire in Duniya and in Akhirah.
  • Transforming myself by cleansing the soul and forgive others. Now, I am relaxed.
  • It changes people’s mind. A big change in me to forgive others which I would never have done before the workshop.

BADRUNNISA: I never used to relate my actions to Huq (truth). Now every action reminds me of Good and Evil and Submission and Denial which ultimately brought a change in me. I will utilize this knowledge in changing others. It was informative and crystal clear. The clarity definitely brings in a change. I will make my teaching a passion for the betterment of my students.

NIRMALA: Yes, there is a difference in my life before and after attending the workshop. I felt it is a useful workshop for discovering myself.

ASHRAFUNINSSA: It was informative and spiritual. Feeling free! Pure, sincere and humble. Have gained a lot of positive energy and understood the basic reality of life. Alhamdulillah! My whole perspective of viewing others, life, problems, solutions, this world, and the other world, everything has changed.

REVATHI: It is an excellent workshop, useful and was very valuable to me. Before, I used to get irritated and angry with my kids. After the workshop, I am now explaining to them, and they are also showing a very good response. Thank you very much, sir.

SALMAN: Before the workshop, I had a very negative and deceived thought process about every event that occurred. In short, I used to judge and blame everything on someone or the other. After the workshop, my perception of any problem, difficulty or event has changed altogether. My parents and family members believe that I have become more positive and a responsible person.

JAGADEESHWARA: Before the workshop, I was very angry at home, but after, I changed my self. I stopped shouting and getting angry at home. I also started to do all the work by myself only. It is useful and an excellent workshop.

ZAINAB: Before, I was living in a world created by the society. After attending the workshop, I realized that I was the person who was hurting myself and I started to live in a real world.

SUJATHA: l It is very useful to every human being. Before I never kept my word, but now I know how it is important. I started to think positively and understand others with positive thinking.

SANA: We all felt that we learned a lot and it was really fun too. Genuinely, one of the best workshop I have attended. Thanks to the training, it was really, really worth it. It was really excellent, full of knowledge and inspiring.

KHUSRO: Before attending the workshop, I was really selfish, but after Listening to Sadath sir, I really changed my opinion towards my family and at my job. I feel responsible. Excellent coaching to change us as good human beings.

ADEEBA: Before the workshop, I was on the observer side and denying the reality by not accepting the truth, Now, I think that the life which I wanted to live can be achieved easily if I played the game of life by not listening to my mind and by not taking others opinions and suggestions as truth. If I had not attended this workshop, I would not have changed myself from a machine, a denier to a human being (righteous). I can happily declare that “I have discovered myself”.