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The Discover Yourself Workshop was organised by the Indian Muslim Association (IMA), Kuwait, between October 24 to 26th 2019,and in Perth, Australia from 15- 17th November 2019 at Al Hidayah Centre, organised by Discover Yourself Australia in co-ordination with Al Hidayah Centre.

Some of the Participants Share their Experiences about the Workshop.

HARISH: At first, my life was miserable, lots of questions and confusion. Attending the workshop was worthwhile, it changed my life. I learned how to use the heart instead of my mind. After attending the workshop my life has become peaceful, calm and I have no confusion. I have understood the reality and the ultimate truth. I had a lot of fun in the workshop. I thought it would be boring at first, but sir went on to teach how to live life the right way and it got interesting.The workshop has changed my life a lot in just three days.
NAYANA RUDRA: It helped to discover the real ‘ME’. It made me realize between the internal and external world. It also helped me in living a peaceful life. Before the workshop, I couldn’t differentiate between Haq and Batil (true and false). I was treating people unequally. Now I see them as human beings. I am giving up making other people wrong. I am committing to creating a new future for my life. I had a good time in the workshop. I learned new things that I would never be able to learn by myself.
DR BALASUBRAMANIAN: This workshop is much needed for the present circumstances. I can accept reality and come out of the world of perception / deception. I got the distinction to make a choice willingly or unwillingly. I got the difference between the language of denial and acceptance.
HAJIRA: My life before was really sad and unhappy. I would have peace for a while but then it would go away. I feel that my peace will be eternal as I have learned how to leave my past, and not dwell upon it. If I would not have attended this workshop, I would have regretted the whole of my life. It helped me clear my mind and build stronger relationships between people and love them.
SHAKIRA: I used to get stressed about so many things, but now I know howto remain calm, understand reality and find solutions for the problems. I wanted to do something useful for human beings, now I got the idea about what to do for humanity and I will do it even if it is helping one human being. I can see others now without any judgment and I could let go off hatred. It helped me to live life peacefully.
ANSIYA: I realized which aspects, I should look at the world to find peace for myself. Life before was confusing, full of regrets and compromises, but after gaining the understanding, still, it is not magical unless I implement it. Yes, it was worth attending and life-changing.
SAMI: Before attending the workshop, I had a couple of regrets about my life. Having said that, I have realized that my regrets were holding me back from being happy in my life. I let go off them from my life. I can feel the reality of my life and existence. I am feeling lighter and more blessed. The workshop had a holistic approach, useful in day to day life and teaches a transformational way of life.
RIYAZ: Very interesting topics covered. I learned that not everything is right or wrong, but it is the perspective that each one sees. Forgiving people lifts the weight off your shoulders. I got the distinction and choice to make it willingly or unwillingly.
SHABIR: It is life-changing. Removed all the baggage, grudges, impatience and anger. Now, I am peaceful after letting go.
SABIHA: It was awesome. It was worth attending. Yes, it did make a difference to change the way I saw things and reacted to it. I could find my faults and focus on how to change my inner self.
HAMID: I was not forgiving my relatives who deceived me, now I am ready to let go. Yes, it was worth attending. It made a difference in my life. I have come out of the box.