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Discovering Yourself in Tipu’s Town

Facing People with an Open Heart
The Workshop is Oxygen for Life!

The Three Day “Discover Yourself” Workshop for madrassa students was held in Darul Umoor on 21,22 and 23 March 2016, at the Tippu Sultan Advanced Study and Research Centre, Gumbaz e Shahi Road, Srirangapatna, Mandya District



Darul-Umoor, is an institution with the objective of orienting the young graduate Ulema into contemporary subjects. Here young Madrassa graduates from all over India who have completed their religious studies are enrolled for a one-year course after written test and interview. Faculty from various fields like history, sciences, English, human resources, management and personality development, computers, follow a syllabus to orient these students through their teaching methods.

The 15th batch of students and faculty went through the “Discover Yourself” Workshop on March 21,22 and 23rd 2016.

Here the participants share their experience about the workshop which was for them a refreshing exposure, enabling them to look at their lives with a positive perspective!

FAZLULLAH (DEOBAND): I got lot of benefits from this workshop, especially the practical part of how to implement what I know and learnt.
FAHIMUDDIN (BAITUL ULOOM): If I would not have attended this workshop, I would not have known how to lead a successful life. Before the workshop, I had lot of misunderstandings, I was holding grudges against my friends and family members, now I have forgiven them all and I feel to so much light and relaxed.
IRFAN (MIFTAHUL ULOOM) : I benefitted a lot and learnt many things I did not know about life. One thing that I realized was that the day I say “I know” and I feel I am better than the other person, my down fall begins. Also I learnt how to listen and communicate from the background of “LA” and not from my opinions, judgments and meaning which distorts reality.
JUNAID (JAMIA ABU HANIFA): It is very excellent. After attending this three day workshop, I am experiencing many changes internally. This kind of workshop must be held in every corner of the world.
MD IZRAEEL (MIFTAHUL ULOOM): First I thank Allah, Darul Umoor and Sir for giving us this opportunity to attend this workshop and benefit from it. I pray to Allah to increase your life, give you sound health to serve the humanity and to spread this workshop all over the world.
MOULASAB (NADWA): This workshop changed my life. Before attending this workshop, I always felt I am right and others are wrong and I was blind and went into the box. Now I feel it is my opinion and everyone has the right to express their opinion and this way resolves all the conflicts and stubbornness. This workshop should be held everywhere.
MD SADDAM (DEOBAND): I could never ever imagine that I could benefit so much from this workshop. Before attending this workshop I was internally disturbed and restless. After attending this workshop, I am experiencing peace inside me. This kind of workshops should be held everywhere.
SALIMUDDIN (NADWA): This workshop helped me to recognize myself and to take risks in life. Before attending this workshop, I was thinking ‘I am something’, I am right and my family wrong and I did not value others. This workshop is the turning point of my life and it will guide me to take conscious decisions at every step of my life.
SIRAJ (NADWA) : If I would not have attended this workshop, I would not have known who I am? Before attending this workshop, I used to take hasty decisions, get angry very fast, prove that I am right and others wrong. But now I am able to control my anger and before taking any decision, I am conscious, considering not, what is right or wrong, but what is the consequence.
RAUF (DEOBAND): It was a wonderful experience. It was very beneficial and whatever I learnt is invaluable. I pray to Allah to give me the toufique to practice what I learnt. I pray that the whole of mankind benefits from this workshop.
SAMIULLA (SABEELUR RASHAD): It is excellent. I benefitted a lot, many doubts were cleared, heavy burdens from my shoulders were dropped and I got the ability to view self, life and others from Allah’s perspective.
AHLULLAH (NADWA): I am thankful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to attend this kind of workshop. I feel the final year students of every Madrassa must attend this workshop before they leave.