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From Confusion to Clarity: Testimonials from the Discover Yourself Workshop

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Feeling Free! – Like a Bird Out of the Cage!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was organized by AMD, Patna from May 6-8, 2024, and by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind from May 11-13, 2024 at wildlife stay resort By Corbett treff., Ramnagar, , Uttarakhand.

The participants shared their experiences:
• “A wonderful experience to finally live Islam.”
• “Before the workshop, my mind was controlling me, but now I am able to use my mind.”
• “I realized that I must change myself before I can change others. If I change my character, attitude, and behavior, this will influence others.”
• “Alhamdulillah, I am now conscious of living in the present by letting go of my past, acknowledging that it has happened and is over. My fear of the future has disappeared as I trust that what will happen will happen and I rely on Allah.”
• “The workshop helped me forget the past. I am very grateful to Allah for the opportunity to attend this workshop. It cleared the fog over my eyes and helped me cope with grief.”
• “Amazing! Before the workshop, I only lived in the past or the future, but now I live in the present.”
• “Before the workshop, I was stuck in negativity, grudges, and anger. After the workshop, I experienced a sudden change and am now free by forgiving everyone.”
• “Before the workshop, I had many questions and was in a state of confusion. After the workshop, I found answers to many of my questions—Who am I? What is the purpose of life? What is Islam? Now I am clear, fearless, and wish to live a meaningful life serving humanity.”
• “It is a life-changing workshop. If I hadn’t attended, I would have continued gathering knowledge without practically living Islam. I have given up all the opinions of others and forgiven them.”
• “It motivated me to activate my goals. It changed my way of understanding everything. There is something indescribable in words. I want every human being to attend this workshop at least once in their lifetime.”
• “Life before was full of anxieties, confusion, and negativity. Now, I am full of confidence, taking life positively, and enjoying the future without complaints or blame.”
• “I wish I had done this earlier. Now, I am willing to change my life from denial to submission and from the world of opinion to Haque.”
• “The workshop is the need of the hour. Before, I was occupied and tense because of my denial. Now, I will let go of my opinions and judgments and live in submission.”
• “Before the workshop, I was in denial and never accepted reality. Alhamdulillah, now I accept reality willingly and am very happy and satisfied with life.”
• “Before attending the workshop, I had many questions. Now, many of them are answered, and I am satisfied. I will live in the present, not in the past or future.”
• “I have changed myself entirely in all aspects, and Insha’Allah, my wife and children will feel it. Everyone must attend this workshop.”
• “The workshop really changed my perspective. I have accepted things and am at peace with myself. Attending with my family, I see immense differences in each one of them.”
• “Before, I was full of worries and anxiety. Now, I am relaxed, happy, and content. I feel more love towards my family. The workshop is outstanding.”
• “The workshop is life-altering and transformational. My attitude toward different things has changed. May Allah reward you.”
• Aariz Ahmed: “This workshop added value to my life. Before attending, I relied on external motivation to complete difficult tasks, which was a temporary fix. After attending, I learned the value of my word and became more responsible. I live in the present, making me peaceful and productive. Now, I understand the real purpose of life. Thank you, Sadath Khan, for bringing a change in my life.”

• Yusra: “The workshop was energetic, excellent, and valuable. Before, there was no peace in my life. Alhamdulillah, now I have peace and see people from a new perspective. I am very happy. Sir, you are excellent.”

• Saffina: “The workshop was great, valuable, and informative. I released pent-up emotions and gained confidence by trusting myself.”

• Nadiya: “Very helpful. The workshop helped us live like human beings. I got back my peace. Before, my life was full of suspicion, and now I understand reality and respect others’ opinions. Thank you, Allah, and Sadath Sir.”

• Kausar: “A life-changing experience. This workshop is unique. I learned to think from ‘LA.’ Every topic had a different impact on me. My perspective has changed, and I am committed to making life easier for myself and others, living as Allah has guided us.”

• Sameena: “Before the workshop, I was tense, regretful, and had bad thoughts about others. After the workshop, I am happy, lighter, and have forgiven everyone. I am willing to give up my ego, anger, and judgmental attitude.”

• Eeshah: “In the workshop, I learned to control my anger, understand different opinions, and increase my level of sabr. I learned the clarity between external and internal and the difference between submission and denial. This workshop is valuable and life changing. Alhamdulillah, I feel relaxed and mentally strong. Jazakallah Khair.”