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Dropping Egos in Chennai

Change of Hearts in Chennai!

“I realised how my ego was running my life, and I came to know that I am not always right”
“¦Dr Mubeen

A ‘Discover Yourself’ workshop was held in Chennai on August 15, 16, and 17th, 2013. Some of the participants share their experiences:

* I discovered myself.
* A must for every Muslim, man or woman.
* I came to know “Who I Am”””It is  awesome.
* Alhamdulillah! Now the way I look at my life has changed””three days well spent.
* I realised my mistakes and learnt how to respond from Allah’s perspective.
* Life changing experience. Awesome!
* It is very useful for everyone, especially for youngsters.
* It is a practical training for a successful life in both the worlds.

HAMA: I have been a trainer for language and personality development for teachers, parents and students for more than 15 years. I have attended many personality development programs and training workshops, but none based on Islamic principles. For the first time I attended a program based on Islamic principles and values.  Thanks to Almighty Allah and thanks to you, I have learnt a lot. Every minute was useful. May Allah shower His blessings upon you for your noble work. Please include me in your duas to make my work useful to others. Jazakallah Khair.
HASHIM: My wife and I had attended several personality development workshops before, and they focused only on success in this world. This workshop has taken me into a different realm, the realm of reality. I was living in a world of assumption, illusion, and deception, and this workshop gave me the insight to live in the world of reality i.e. world of Truth, with an akhirah (hereafter)-oriented perspective. I intend to make my life a life of worship, Inshallah. This is the only workshop I have attended based on Islamic Principles. The workshop should be advertised in a bigger manner to benefit many more Muslims.
SABINA: Before the workshop, I was very depressed and felt low. I used to ask Allah “Why Me?”, but after the workshop I realized that whatever Allah does, He does for a reason, and I must submit and do what I can. The most important thing that I learnt was to let go of the past and the fear of the future  and to live in the present. The workshop helped me to cut off my ‘EGO’.
DR MUBEEN: I have discovered myself. On the second day, the topic on Ego was excellent. I realised how my ego was running my life, and I came to know that I am not always right.  Create more awareness regarding this workshop to reach more and more people so that many can benefit.
HAMEED: My life before was total mess, full of  fear. I was shy, depressed and did not have total faith in Allah. This workshop taught me courage, determination and moral values that I can apply to achieve success in the hereafter. These three days were the best productive days of my life. The programme was fantastic, Alhamdulillah!
BASHEER:  My life before the workshop was quite disturbed. This workshop brought me out from the world of assumption to reality. I was longing to attend such a workshop and I am fortunate to attend this one. It will be a turning point on my life.
PARVEEN: In this workshop, I learnt many things. I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to attend it. I had intended to attend this workshop for the past three years. I feel Allah has listened to me and fulfilled my intention. Thanks to Allah, Sadath bhai and the organisers.