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Discover Yourself Workshop is Life’s Best Medicine!
The Discover Yourself Workshops were held in Jeddah, Jubail, Dammam and Riyadh in February, 2017.
Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.


  • After the workshop, I am feeling relaxed and in peace. This type of workshops gives motivation and solutions to all our problems in life.
  • So many doubts that come to mind have been answered. It is the need of the hour for everyone.
    Before the workshop, life was meaningless and after the workshop, life is purposeful. It is unique, valuable and the best self-help workshop.
  • It was very useful to develop my personality as a Muslim. An excellent way to discover your inner self. I was able to concentrate in my salah.
  • The workshop is the cure for heart diseases.
  • It helped me to get out of the regrets of the past, depression, anxiety of the future. I got hope of living this life to its best. My point of view towards everything and everyone has changed now.
  • Alhamdulillah, this workshop gave me a new life.
  • This is a complete Islamic perspective workshop. It’s really very useful and worth it. It needs more marketing for many people to benefit.
  • It opened the inner aspect of my life. I was able to start concentrating in salah. I am able to start treating my children in a better way.
  • Wonderful, I wish I had attended it long back, excellent. It changed my view towards life.
  • I was stressful, not submitting to reality. Now, I feel relaxed and able to overcome stress and challenges.
  • The workshop is very helpful to discover who is a human being in the light of Islamic teachings which leads to discovering ourselves.
  • I feel we need this workshop in every corner of the world, especially in Muslim communities.
  • It was very practical and definitely a life changing experience. I was different before and now fully changed.
  • Wonderful experience to learn many things. It’s a unique workshop, every person should attend and apply in their life. This workshop brings peace in our life.
  • How to face day to day life, and how to distinguish truth and falsehood. How to have a peaceful life.
  • We need more self-development workshops with Islamic perspectives.
  • The workshop is the solution for everyday problems.
  • The workshop is life’s best medicine.

SAIMA: Before attending this workshop, my life was a mess. I felt that I have ruined everything and blamed myself for every bad thing/incident that took place. To be honest, I was at a point where I felt like committing suicide, but the fact that its haram stopped me always. Alhamdulillah, now after the workshop, I feel that Allah has given me a new life. I feel like a new born now. I am over with the grief and regrets I had for my past. Now, when I feel like a new born, I even feel that I can change the bad part of my life and my families too, into good. I have learnt to become a strong person.
SAMEEYA: Before attending the workshop, I always felt that I had to achieve things in life in order to attain reputation, dignity and respect and look down at others who had nothing to be boastful about. But now I realize that life is not about me or things and assets that I own, it’s about happiness, peace and showing compassion to those around you. This workshop helped me create harmony in things that had bothered me for my whole life, it helped me to look at my problems with a state of calmness and peace.
ALI: Before the workshop, I was taking sleeping pills. Now for the first time, I slept without sleeping pills. It is such a great job of transforming human beasts to human beings. I would have missed the inner peace if I had not attended this workshop.
AEJAZUDDIN: It has been truly a fruitful journey to shift our focus from the routine we are trapped into and discover who am I? What are the basic qualities of a human being? What is the righteous path to success? In today’s fast pace of life, we are not investing time and efforts to improve or learn from our mistakes.
AMMARAH: Although I have never attended a workshop before and this is my first time, I can say that I enjoyed it a lot. I was very hesitant to come here and now I regret for not coming here on the first and second day. Before this workshop, I was not tolerating others and I was very hasty. Now I will be more tolerating even though it will be very hard, but I am determined to work this out, as I feel this will help me become less short tempered and more understanding of others.
WAHIDA: Some pieces of puzzle of my life were either misplaced or lost. Alhamdulillah, the workshop helped me find it and complete the puzzle. I pray that Allah’s mercy will help keep the solutions intact for all the participants who attended it. It has proved great rectifications of many flaws. Please arrange such workshops to reach all the colleges to help bring youth out of darkness.
AYESHA: Before the workshop, life meant to just live on the basis of reacting to certain situations. After the workshop, it has made me realize that life is not just living, it’s living for the sake of Allah under His rules and His commands, to submit. My life changed and my perceptions changed in multiple ways.
HAMEED: The workshop triggered my transformation. I was having lot of anger, grudges, dissatisfactions and superiority complex. Now I feel there is a way for transforming all this, to peace. My family has already started seeing the changes in me. This workshop is a must for everyone. If I would have not attended the workshop, it would have been a huge loss.
AHMED: To be honest, there was no peace and happiness in my life and I was confused how to achieve my goals. From this extremely excellent workshop, I am totally free as a bird flying in the sky. I also got the best way of expressing myself and give attention to others. It is one of the best satisfactory workshops, I have ever attended.
FATIMA: Alhamdulillah, the workshop has benefitted me a lot, specially, since I was suffering from depression from quite a long time now. My family has found that I have become more patient and look cheerful when compared to the one I was, before attending the workshop. May Allah bless Dr Khan on carrying out this noble mission. I would have missed out an opportunity to come out of my negative feelings, if I had not attended this workshop.