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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Jubail and Dammam in January 2015. Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.


  • A must attend, unique and awakening experience.
  • Excellent concept to spread universal peace.
  • The workshop helped me discover myself and control my inner self from the whisperer (Satan).
  • Excellent method of explaining the fundamentals and such workshops are the need of the hour for community problems.
  • Excellent step to spread the message of humanity to the world.
  • This is a very effective workshop which can change one’s life.
  • It helped me remove my blindness and the questioning.
  • It made me realize how I was and how I am now?
  • It was good, relaxing and a never forgetting experience
  • It helped me realize the True being (authentic) ‘ME’.
  • Mashallah, no words, I think every person should attend, It made me a new person.
  • The presentation is very good and interesting, keeps us attentive in a humorous way.
  • If everyone could attend this workshop, the world would be a lot better place to live.
  • The workshop taught submission in the real sense of the word.
  • This workshop helps in bringing the human being from darkness to light.
  • It was very knowledgeable and very much practical in day to day life.
  • Mind blowing, awesome and an eye opener.
  • I discovered why we are created for?
  • It helped me to find what was wrong in me rather than pointing others’ mistake.
  • It changed my attitude and behavior. Today’s generation needs this kind of workshop.
  • It helped me to find me in ‘Myself’, who am I? This workshop was a paradigm shift.

PARTHIPAN: All these three days, I had a mental cleansing, to remove all my blinds to see the world with real human morals with the Creator’s given values. I have made a commitment to travel this path, Inshallah for the rest of my life.
SUHAIL: This workshop is brain storming. Before attending the workshop, I was having lots of doubts, but after the workshop all my doubts were cleared. I came to know the real meaning of life and my family members were surprised to see the changes in me and were very happy. This workshop should be hosted everywhere for the benefit of humanity. In simple words, I cannot find the words to thank the whole team for organizing this workshop.
SAJANA: Before the workshop, I was just a creation of God. Somehow or the other, I was in the box with some blind beliefs about Islam. Now I am clear with my problems and know how to get rid of them. Inshallah practising to be the true Khalifa (representative) of Allah and enlighten myself, my family, my surrounding humanity, with these universal values and reminders.
SUMRAH: I was reserved, stubborn, rude, short-tempered, and hardly bothered about anything or anyone in the family. Initially, I was coaxed by my parents to go for this workshop, I had to listen to them. Now I know they were right in sending me here. After this workshop now, I can answer anyone who asks me who am I? It helped my family a lot too. My dad hugged me and asked me for forgiveness. Now I have changed my perspective of seeing them. This workshop can change millions of lives around the world; it is truly a personality development workshop. I am the Khalifa and my purpose is to represent Allah.
NASEEMA: I was living with my own ego that I know what is best for me, I am the good decision maker for my family and I was the initiator of the anger cycle. I rarely forgave people and carried the baggage of bad things of my past life. Now I know, how wrong I am. I have learnt a lesson to forgive and forget and not to carry on the ego and enmity with relatives and friends. I was living as an observer and now I want to get started as a player. I want people to remember me for my goodness after my death. I want to forget the past and enjoy the future.
SYEDA: Before this workshop, my thinking and actions were different. Attending this workshop helped me solve my problems, think more calmly and externally respond in a better way. It changed my views on different things on a big scale. It was an awakening experience with a unique learning experience. I did not get bored at any time. Really helpful. This unique way of changing and awakening people should be spread to more cities and must be held regularly.
SOHEIR: Before the workshop, I was stuck with opinions, judgments and why and how? Also I had some ill feelings towards my spouse and some of my family members, which I gave up. It’s a wonderful feeling of self realization and to be out of the box.
FATHIMA: I had held something in my heart and did not want to forgive, Alhamdulillah, I forgave. The concept of submission and denial is very clear now. Since the last workshop I attended, my attitude changed a lot and many people recognized it and appreciated it. I look forward to join some organization to serve humanity, Inshallah! This workshop got me closer to Al-Haq.
ZARINA: Before the workshop, I was a judgmental person. Now I am feeling more relaxed and my mind feels empty and light. My soul feels free and light. I was able to find my mistakes and stop picking out others’ mistakes. All the topics were valuable. Special way of presentation was indeed very memorable.