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Coming Out of Our Shells in South Africa

Discover Yourself Workshop
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The “Discover Yourself” Workshop was held in Cape Town, Durban, Midrand and Pretoria in South Africa in March 2015. Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

  • It was a great experience, getting out of my shell, being myself, opening up and letting go.
  • My life style and my approach has changed and I am growing spiritually,
  • A great simple perspective to live in this modern world.
  • I came in with lots of questions on my mind, but I leave with all answers.
  • I realized I was an enemy to myself and what is holding me back in life.
  • I had no direction, but I have got the direction, wish every human being experiences this.
  • It is inspiring and life changing for me. I want to thank Sadathullah Khan Sir and the organizers for bringing this wonderful workshop.
  • Powerful speaker, life changing and truly inspiring.
  • It was great. My mind-set has changed and I will never take drugs in my life again. I have learned to see things clearly.
  • The workshop was unique and empowering. I ‘discovered myself’ that there is nothing stopping me, but ‘Me’. I need to change my attitude and confront my ego.
  • I am going to create my journey by taking Allah’s belief system and give up all the belief systems I had adopted right from childhood.
  • This workshop is about heaven on earth.
  • It helped me to realize that I have been judging people at face value and have been too judgmental and reactive.
  • It is very beneficial and makes you aware of accepting external world as Allah’s reality.
  • It united me with my family, especially with my mother after five years. It is just so inspiring and motivating.
  • The workshop opened up the veils and removed the blockages.
  • I found it very enlightening, opened my eyes in many ways.
  • All I can say- Thank you Allah for choosing me to attend this helpful workshop. Everything was so clear and excellent.

ZAHIDA: It was of great personal benefit. It helped me get through all my sorrow and pain of losing my son. I became very strong, and I am here every year getting stronger day by day.
SADIA: I was in your workshop for the first time in 2007 when I was married for only a year and was really heading for a divorce. The workshop changed me and it made a difference that I brought my hubby next year to your workshop. We are now married for eight years and still working on a better relationship with all the challenges. Khan Sir, “May Allah fulfill all your duas, dreams, make you prosperous and successful, Ameen!
SALIE: My life was quite unconscious, day in and day out, not quite knowing where I fit in anywhere. I was on the back burner for far too long and bit off more than I could chew. It led to depression.. This workshop opened my eyes, heart and soul. It brought forth the consciousness of my Real Self. The in depth explanation made me aware of my ego, the liar who was taking over my life and ruining my life. I was saved by this very wonderful workshop, I discovered my new Me! I am happier now with myself and my family as they are and they can now notice it in me.
PANDU : I feel confident to practice to be in a state of consciousness and be in the world of reality. The concept and the techniques taught were clear. I am determined to practice them and gain the benefit for my peace and happiness and not discontinue the practice.
SULEMAN: Life was always about why, why and looking for answers that nobody could answer. I am feeling different and see people for who they are and not as what I think.
SABEERA: I was like the anaconda. Thinking and reacting with my ego. Thinking I am right, and treating the family as objects. At that time I did not see it. I have now able to distinguish between the whisperer and my true self. I am going to treat them with love and break down that wall I put up. I am very glad to have attended this workshop, I will apply everything I learnt in the workshop in my life, Inshallah.
YOUSUF: It is a life changing experience. I have understood that the world has problems and it begins with an individual. Self-deception is the root and understanding how to combat it- is the solution. I have learned that the problem is within me and I can move forward. I have made new friends and hope someday soon to inspire a change in others. I am going to give up my drugs and wrapped perception.
KHATIJA: My life was focused on my past experiences. The workshop has taught me to focus on the truth and the reality of the present. I enjoyed it thoroughly although it was tiring. It is very practical from the work and family perspective.
AHMED: I am a recovering drug addict and now I am on a journey for self-discovery. Before the workshop, I used to doubt myself and always took other people’s opinion about me into consideration and so I made my life on their opinions. After the workshop, I now believe what other people’s opinion about me should not affect me. It’s how I feel about myself and how I can move forward in life and I built that self-confidence in myself, along with loads of positivity.
NASEEMA: I was almost and always in the past or the future state, continuously worrying, thinking, analysing, continuously judging and blaming. I never lived in the present state. Now I am connected to my Lord, choose to submit to every situation and am able to look for solutions.
ZAIDI: An eye opener. I was continuously living in denial, opinionated, judgmental and made myself suffer. People noticed good things in me but I was so focused on “Myself” that I lost my “I” in “Myself”. I had built my life around the opinions I had created. I realised my denial and liberated myself.
SADAF: I always wanted things to be my way. I saw everyone wrong and only my way right. The workshop helped me to distinguish, when I am in denial or submission. I am committed to make a difference to humanity and find a way to educate children from the under privileged communities. I will commit myself to keeping my word.