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The Magic of Discover Yourself TT6!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Darul Umoor, Tipu Sultan Advanced Study and Research Centre Srirangapatna, for the Madrassa students on 8,9 and 10 September 2018. This is the 18th batch -2018-19 and 35 students participated
Some of the participants share their Experiences.

  • I liked this workshop for it gives life a new life.
  • I achieved many things from this workshop. All my misunderstanding I had have been cleared, and I got the real purpose of my life.
  • This workshop was very useful. I could feel the changes in me, and I feel this workshop should reach everyone.
  • The workshop was very useful. The most important thing that I got in this workshop is to distinguish between Huq and Batil and a way to live our life.
  • This workshop awakens you and guides you on how to lead the ummah.
  • This workshop can unite the broken hearts which have decided never to see their faces.
  • From the workshop, I saw the humanity and love of all human beings.
  • This workshop shows human beings how to live and treat others as human beings.
  • Before the workshop, I used to get angry over small matters, and now after the workshop, I am wondering where my anger has disappeared.
  • Before the workshop, I used to lead a selfish life, and after participating, I realized the humanity in me and love for others.
  • I never dreamt that such kind of workshops could change the lives of the people. Allah gave me an opportunity to attend this workshop, and it benefitted me a lot.

YASIR ARAFATH NADWI: It was a different kind of workshop that guided me to the true perspective of Islam. I found it very different from all I ever have attended. Before the workshop, I was in trouble, suffering from heart and spiritual diseases, but now, I am glad, and I am free of all burdens that I was holding on myself. I thank Dr. Sadath Sir very much for he gave such a beautiful and helpful presentation which I did not get before in my life. I would have missed a worthy workshop and to be frank, I would have missed many helpful instructions useful for my life.

ABU TALHA DEOBANDI: Life before the workshop was bad and after the workshop, my whole life has changed. I forgave all the people which I would have never done if I would not have attended this workshop. I feel a revolution could happen if this kind of workshop is held in different parts of the world. I assure you that I have transformed completely. Now, I have decided to live my life for the betterment of humanity.

ABU HANZLA -ISLAH: My life before the workshop, was not so good, but after the workshop, lots of changes have happened within me. I got the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood. I feel all the youth must attend this workshop to get the distinctions as they are all confused in life. I got the distinction between mind and heart and to make choices from the heart and not make decisions from the mind. I realized my faults shown by my family and had decided to correct them, and if they had shown my faults before the workshop, I would have justified and blamed them.

SHAFEE PATHAN NADWI: Before I was very adamant and strict, but after the workshop, I cooled down and softened. I could feel the changes in me and have started having positive thoughts, and now I have developed a passion that I should do good for the community. I use to get angry and upset when things do not go my way and react to my colleagues. But now, I understood that I was at fault and realized my mistakes.

M. TAHIR SHAIKH HUSAINIYA KOKAN: Before the workshop, I was living my life according to my understanding, and after attending the workshop I could see my faults. Now, I can see a life free from judgments and relate to my parents and relatives as human beings. I am grateful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to attend this workshop, and I pray that this workshop reaches every human being in all the corners of the world.