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Coming Out of Your Shells

Schedule of Discover Yourself Workshop

The Discover Yourself Workshop was hosted on July “‹ 14-16″‹ 2017 by JIH, Telengana (HRD, Dept) in Hyderabad and in Mumbai”‹ On July 28-30 2017″‹, by Islah Educational Trust.
Some of the Participants Share their Experiences after the Workshop.

  • I am now feeling relaxed and my anxiety and stress in my day to day life has reduced.
  • My life got some improvement. I would have missed a lot of valuable facts of life. The whole of humanity irrespective of any religion, must attend this workshop.
  • The workshop offers practical, workable tools and solutions to the problems in life.
  • I had hatred and envy for my in-laws. After the workshop, I forgave them. Everyone should know that there is such a type of workshop. This type of workshop should be held in every locality, school and college.
  • Before the workshop, I used to get angry about small things, but now mashallah, I am able to control it.
  • Everyone in my family was appearing to me very clear and I saw them as human beings and accepted them the way they are.
  • The method of explaining is excellent. Sadathullah Sir has helped me a lot through this workshop to transform my inner-self.
  • Before the workshop I was aggressive, impulsive and short tempered. But now, I try to overcome these shortcomings. My family feels changes in me and I too feel good about myself.
  • Now, I am able to control my anger because of this workshop, this was my biggest enemy.
    It is a training programme that has to be experienced. I can apply the learning for myself and use it for my future workshops.
  • I would have missed the ‘EYE’ to look deeper into myself. It is worth every minute.
  • Before marriage, the girl and the boy along with the family must attend this workshop to live happy, peaceful and successful life. It should be done on a large scale.
  • Today the community needs more people like Sadathullah Khan. Please train at least 10-15 people like you in a year.

KALEEM: Many of these things were already mentioned by several management gurus in similar programmes, so I was already practising some of these things in my professional life. This workshop uses modern methods with an Islamic perspective. What difference I saw is the Islamic background of the coach and the Islamic touch, with examples, made this workshop more interesting and we could relate to our real life domestic situations.

HAROON: Before the workshop, I have attended numerous presentations and workshops, so I thought, this will be similar. I registered as I came to know about this workshop 10 years ago, but could not get an opportunity to attend. I did not have great expectations and day one also was disorganized, but day 2 and 3 onwards I started liking it. This workshop made me revisit my deeper understanding, attaching an Islamic value to it and now I feel very happy to learn this, but sad since many will not learn this, as it is not taught in madrasas and schools. It is not available in books and so we need to take this workshop to others. This workshop is excellent for Muslims wanting to understand the deen- our way of life.

SHAIMA: Before, I used to see myself through other’s perspective. Now, I have changed-cleared my glasses and hence I am feeling very relaxed, grateful and satisfied from inside with no burden. I became more responsible. Yes, I can say that now. Jazakallah Khair.

AMAAN: Life before this workshop was sedentary. There was nothing in my life , only war and little laughter. When I came here, I came out of my shell, shell I made that presumably could protect me from people, but I found that it protected itself, not me. I was shattered from the inside. I would have remained in my shell for the rest of my life, if I had not attended this workshop. I reformed piece by piece and healed. Thank you for this experience.

YAYAH: This has changed my life and thinking process. I have got a new vision for my life, wife, parents and everyone. This workshop for which I have no words, has completed my life because my wife is very happy, so I am happy. This type of workshop is actually sadqa e Jariah as this has improved and transformed many lives.

SHEHADAH: The life before the workshop was miserable, horrible and not ok. If I would not have attended this workshop, I would have missed something very valuable. After the workshop, the feeling about the family members became positive, good and I was willing to go to each and every member of the family and hug them and tell them that I am sorry for everything.

LUBNA: When I entered on the first day, I was completely stubborn, but now I am quite stable and calm. I got all the answers and solutions now, but still there is a lot, a need to change. I would conclude with three words “LET IT GO” for the sake of Allah and things will fall in place automatically.

PARVEEN: Before the workshop, my life was full of anger, insecurity, unknown fear and confused every time. But after the workshop, I am free of fear and I learned how to live life with joy.