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Snapping Out from an Imaginary World

Let Satan Out of Your Lives
Transforming Within in Kolkata!

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Hyderabad on April 12, 13 and 14, 2013. It was organised by Meswak (Muslim Educational and Social Welfare Association of Karimnagar).
Some of the participants share their experiences after the workshop:

I started to control my inner voice mainly in the Salah.
*It opened my eyes and shown me the reality.
*I understood that my world (way) and Allah’s way are different.
*Everyone should and must attend this workshop at least once.
*I felt positive and good about the people around me and I learned to accept my mistakes.
*It made me to get to be a true Muslim.
*I felt good and peace within me.
*It changed my mind and most important my view is changed.

ASMA: This is the fourth time I am attending this workshop. What I learn here, I find it very very difficult to follow outside the auditorium , as I always go back to my old self-away from reality in a world of my own. But your workshop helped me snap out of my imaginary world into the real world. Your coaching has helped me to deal with my father’s cancer and paralysis, my mother’s paranoid depression, my brother’s anger and resentment and also struggle with my job and personal life. Most importantly your workshop had helped me understand Quran better because whatever you have conveyed in these three days is the same as what the Quran is trying to convey. I am the third generation in my family reading your English monthly Islamic voice. I wait for the new issue every month. Thank you very much Khan saab. My suggestion is that this should be included in the school curriculum.
AMEENA: Life was boring before attending this workshop. Now by the grace of Allah who guided you to make a difference in the lives of people, I am enjoying and experiencing bliss, solace in every aspect of my life which is a gift from Allah. It is worth attending and should be attended by every person irrespective of caste and language. This is my fourth workshop.
DANISH: I was very much depressed from my parents as they always scolded me. Today I understood that it was just their point of view towards me. By not attending this workshop, I would have missed the reality of life.
ZUHAIR: Before the workshop, I was a person who would react to petty matters and full of ego. I did not even know that it was my ego that was making me do this. So, I told myself that I am nothing and just a servant of Allah. I stopped asking myself questions. I have started to obey my elders and take a positive meaning from what they say. My commitment is that I did like to earn Allah’s love, let go of my ego and stop judging others. I will do my best to keep up my commitment.
MAHMOOD: It is useful and good for Muslims of all ages. I have attended alone, but next time I will ask my entire family that is wife, sons, daughters and grandsons and granddaughters.
AMAN: I always use to judge people even before I met them or interacted with them. I always approached people with pre conceived notions. Now everything has changed. Now I am seeing everything as it is and everyone as they are. It is mind freeing education.
ABDUL: I feel I have more clarity of my view and Insha’Allah try to tread Allah’s path by complete submission. I recognised my ego / Satan’s constant waswas (whisperings) and trying to free myself from his strong hold.
FARAH: Before I used to offer Salah and do other Islamic rituals but the basic thing was missing, respect and love for others was almost dead and even I used to shout at my parents. Now after attending this workshop I learnt the basic things and became a true Muslim. The main benefit I got is to recognise my inner voice (waswas) and take control of it and to forgive everyone. It helped me to live in the present than thinking about the past.
RAFIA: I was lost and trying to get peace, unable to find it I read Quran and Salah. Now I realised through the workshop that the problem was within me. I had my view, my husband has his view and other had their views, everyone has a view point and it can be different from mine, and I should accept them as they are, accept who I am? And live in reality. I am going to make a difference by spreading the message of truth. I appreciate the organisers for the good management and for hosting this workshop in Hyderabad.