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Participants share their experiences after attending the Discover Yourself Workshop held in Kuwait on 20, 21 and 22 December, 2012

IT: A must to anyone who wants to change for the better. This is my fifth Discover yourself workshop and every time I attend it, I discover myself from different perspectives to take up challenges and move forward to make a difference to me, others and my family.
MP: My life was in darkness of self deception, ego, questions and doubts. Now after attending the workshop “I” am in submission, feel so much at peace and relief from all the pain, worries, and sorrows.
TI: The most important thing that has impressed me is to accept your mistakes, instead of blaming others and criticizing. I want to say that anyone and everyone who has the time and money to attend this workshop must not miss such an opportunity, because this is not something to just know about it, but it is about bringing your own knowledge into actions.
SN: The workshop was energetic and awesome. It was full of enjoyment and a source of knowledge. I specially appreciate your explanation of ego, chatter box, submission, denial and forgiveness.
UK: My life was full of ups and downs and now because of the workshop, I can see clearly the right path. Now I know which path I have to follow. From now on, I will treat my family members with love and I will respect them.
AG: I was not in the right state of mind and could not make my own decisions and was relying on others and I lived in the past ruining my present and future. Now I have changed my views completely. I will never forget this experience, it was a dream come true and I never thought that I would get such an opportunity ever in my life.
SF: I am so happy, that I got an opportunity to attend this workshop. It has changed the way of thinking. I have a clear mind now. Please keep going, no matter what, people need your service. You are doing great service to mankind.