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Nights are Sleepless? Days are Restless? Come, The DISCOVER YOURSELF Workshop will Heal You!

Detoxifying the Heart! Connecting to Reality!
Healing Yourself in Africa

The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Karkala, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Surat in January and February 2020.

Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop:

“¢ Life-changing, I wish I had known about this workshop earlier. Before, I was not responsible and conscious of myself. I was in denial of living through challenges.
“¢ Nights are sleepless? Days are restless? Come, this workshop will heal you!
“¢ I was irritated in my life, now it is more peaceful. I did not take any medicine in these three days related to depression or pressure and I did not have any distress. This workshop should be made compulsory for parents.
“¢ It was well structured and impactful. After the workshop, I learned to be a human being and use the power of the heart to treat every other person as a human being.
“¢ Soul-stirring! I am overwhelmed by the change in the pattern of my communication.
“¢ Your way of explanation and your way of making us concentrate on every topic is brilliant. Superb talent, may Allah bless you, sir.
“¢ I don’t have words to express my gratitude to Khan Sir. He inspired me to be honest with myself and understand my worth.
“¢ I found the purpose of my existence. It helped me a lot in learning my past and creating my future while being in the present.
“¢ It allowed me to become a good human being and to concentrate on my actions rather than on other people’s actions.
“¢ The best thing I ever did in my life is to attend this workshop.
“¢ The workshop is a perfect blend of Islam and practical life.

KELLY: An eye-opening and heart touching workshop. My life before the workshop was extremely complicated and unhappy. I did always look for reasons to fight. Now it is peaceful, lovely and calm. It has helped me get hold of myself and to think before I speak. I am willing to give up my ego and the stubbornness of being right. I will try to change myself in the best ways, in order to please God always wherever I can.
KINJAL: Earlier it was nearly impossible for me to forget and forgive people for all the wrong they did to me. But what I learned is that their words, actions, and behavior towards me was their choice, opinions and not my reality. Only my God knows my reality and that is all that matters. I feel happier, calm, light headed at heart and will live for the rest of my life in this state. I am giving up my short temper and reaction to others.
SARIFA: I am a shy person, afraid to share in front of so many strange people. Before attending your 3 days’ workshop, I was in the assumption that it will be boring, and I judged you before knowing you. My husband was forcing me to attend this workshop from the past four years, but now after attending your workshop, I want to thank my husband from the bottom of my heart. I also want to thank you for such a wonderful workshop. I am free today.
SAFA: Previously I used to fight with my husband because I feared my past. I used to trouble my husband to a great extent. After attending this workshop, I feel I can provide comfort to him rather than becoming a challenge to him. I want him and me to live in peace. He has noted a big difference in my attitude in these two days. My family is happy now because my husband is happy, and now, I see him as a human being and equal. Thank you, Sir, May Allah bless you. This workshop is a must for every human being irrespective of caste or religion
.JAFFAR: My life is completely transformed. I pray to Allah that it remains like it is now till my entire life. The way I used to see others, the way I used to talk to others, the way I was not living in the present, the way I have been a spectator and not the pAlayer, everything changed with the new perspective. Every aspect of our life can change if one can realize that the most important is to seek Allah’s love and to avoid Satan’s trap. I am giving up my world made by my opinions about other humans. Allah created every person a human being and I will see and treat everyone as a human being.
KULSUM: When I came here, I was suffering from depression and I was not ready to listen to anyone because that person’s voice irritated me. But after listening to the coach I forgave everyone in my life, and I started to talk with everyone and live happily. Alhamdulillah it changed my life.
SALMA: I used to easily cry about everything, I was short-tempered and reacting to each and everything, I was weak inside, I sometimes get frustrated or angry and when I cannot get out of my anger on someone else, I end up beating or crying myself. But from the day I attended this workshop, I have changed, but not completely. I am not reacting; I am able to stop myself from crying and control myself. Now, I have left all my past enemies by forgiving them. Everyone must attend this workshop once in their lifetime.
FARHEEN: Before the workshop, I was lost, but after the workshop I found myself. I learned how to control my mind and listen to my heart. Life-changing workshop. Today, I was able to concentrate on salah like never before. Being an Islamic teacher, I will try to implement the methods taught by you.
AMAL: My life was good before the workshop, but it became better after the workshop, Alhamdulillah! I realized that my mind is not actually my reality, but it is the heart. My family expressed their feelings about me, I was not in denial and didn’t affect me (their judgments). I somehow understood that each member has his/her point of view and we need to accept that.
ASTHMA: Before I was not self-confident, but now I am Self-confident. I learned the importance of humanity. I will say ‘Alhamdulillah’ at every moment whether I achieve what I want or not. I will be a human being and see others as human beings. If I am Insaan then I will create Insaaniyath.