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Before the Workshop, I used to think ‘why a beautiful rose plant has thorns’, but after the workshop, my point of view changed, now I ‘ rejoice that the thorn plants have such beautiful roses.’


The ‘Discover Yourself’ Workshop was organised by MESWAK- Muslim Educational Social Welfare Association of Karimgnagar, on 14, 15 and 16th November 2014. MESWAK (Muslim Educational Social Welfare Association of Karimnagar) is a voluntary Non Governmental Social Organisation that was set up on 30th November, 2007 with a non-profit motto. The vision of MESWAK is to strive towards a just and caring society, by providing a vehicle to people committed to the faith, to bring together their knowledge, skills and efforts for the benefit of one another and the society as a whole, through the promotion of Islam and Islamic values.
MESWAK strongly believes that working for Islam is not just about campaigning for Muslim rights, but also sharing the truth about God, life and society. As an organised and dedicated group, by engaging in sincere and constructive dialogue, MESWAK is putting continuous and creative effort to draw hearts closer to Allah and His Messenger through the promotion of Islamic teachings.

Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.
* It is a workshop where the brains are brushed and cleaned.
* The workshop was very useful to bring changes in my life.
* I enjoyed and it changed my mindset and attitude.
* It is amazing, motivating and a wonderful experience.
* The workshop has done wonderful magic in my life.
* I learned the submissive way of life.
* It is the best to overcome anger.
* Learnt to look at life positively.
* Everyone at least once in their life time have to attend this workshop.
* It is very practical and teaches applicable behavioural techniques to change ourselves internally in a positive manner.

BASHA: It is really wonderful and exciting. Without the techniques to solve the day to day problems, it is not possible with the literary knowledge. I feel great after attending the workshop. I am grateful to Mr Khan for his sacred mission.
SHIREEN: I was very short tempered, but after attending the workshop, now I can control my anger and from now onwards I will not judge others. After attending the workshop, I came to know the true way of living life. It was brought many changes in my life, it is like one type of miracle that happened in my life. Now I am free to live an easy and successful life.
MAJEEDA: I was not on the way of submission, after the workshop, I am practising to be on the way of submission. Before the workshop, I was stressed, and short-tempered. After the workshop, I have confidence and peace. This workshop is amazing and it is very useful for everyone.
RAZIA: The workshop is very effective. Before the workshop, I came with so many questions to ask, but after I attended it, I found all the answers. After completing three days, I came to the conclusion that I have missed a lot in my life. I will try my level best to follow and live in submission.
SAYEDA: It is excellent. Before the workshop, I had a difficult life and was having so many questions. After the workshop I am feeling happy and calm. I will follow the tools of the workshop and live in the present.
NAZIA: My experience was very good. I was very short tempered, due to which, I was losing all the valuable things in life. But because of the workshop I realised myself and there is a big change in my behaviour and even my family members noticed it.
JUVERIA: Life changing values. Before the workshop, I used to think ‘why a beautiful rose plant has thorns’, but after the workshop, my point of view changed, now I ‘ rejoice that the thorn plants have such beautiful roses.’ I feel positivity among all.