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Detoxifying the Heart! Connecting to Reality!

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Magical Mid-Summer Solace in Delhi!

The Sirri Saqti Foundation hosted the Discover Yourself workshop in Kolkata on the 20, 21 and 22 October, 2017. Around 125 men and women participated in the workshop. We present the experiences shared by some of the participants.


  • After attending this workshop, I have found answers to all my questions.
  • It helped me to change my views, and it connected me to the reality.
  • It helped me to clear all my doubts, and it detoxified my Qalb.
  • This workshop has made accepting the day to day challenges easier. I cannot change others, so I will change myself and accept what Allah has chosen for me and be happy.
  • I came to know the real ‘who am I’? What is Reality? Learnt to control anger.
  • After the workshop, I have come to the realization about myself, and it gave me a direction to be a good human being. It is very interesting and eye-opening.
  • Before the workshop, I was in a cage, and now I feel as free as a bird. It is a lifetime opportunity.
  • The workshop provides very useful practical techniques to apply in our daily lives as a Muslim. It has given me the ability to think and act as per the Islamic way, submit to Allah’s commands and improve in my Iman and Ibadah.
  • It helped me discover and find the real me, to be kind, never to judge anyone and live in peace. One must attend this workshop to find one’s inner-self.
  • This workshop helped me to understand myself ““ my real-self from the false-self. It gave me the ability to face problems and challenges in life and taught us how to overcome them.
  • I was not aware of the fact that, even there is something inside me that had to be changed.

UZMA: This workshop increased my wisdom rather than knowledge which no workshop does. Before the workshop, I was a Muslim by chance, and now I am a Muslim by choice. I am living Islam now, before I knew about Islam.
MADEEHA: I used to accept the sours of my life unwillingly, but now I am willingly accepting everything that happens. My head which used to be full of stress is much calm. I used to get nervous and get stressed about everything very quickly. I used to assume a lot, and now, I only prepare myself that whatever happens, happens for good, even if anything bad happens, I do not complain, I look for a solution and if I do not find the solution, I accept it as it is. This workshop surely made me flexible and trained me to accept everything that keeps happening. Next, I like to say that I really found my belief in Allah back. I had lost hopes that Allah would give me any good, but now, I know everything is good, but I just looked at the bad side. Life is incredibly so calm now.Further, I would like to share that truly I stopped judging others, and most importantly I stopped judging myself. Thank you,sadath Sir, you really changed me!
YASMIN: This workshop has changed the way I used to think and feel. Now, I could connect with Allah in salah and free myself from the diversions to a very large extent. My children could notice the changes in me, and I was not shouting at them, nor I was freaky about the cleanliness. I hugged them, and they shared freely how they spent the day. Now, my focus will be to develop my connection to the heart, not the mind. The world has a lot of brainy people; we need people with a big heart because we lack in this aspect.
KAINAT: I found the workshop useful. I came in here with an attitude, ego and so on, but, now I find my brain empty, clean and have become a new person. Before the workshop, I was aimless, no destination, unsuccessful, hopeless and had lost my way. But, now I know how to live my way, Now I am seeing in me a new person. In the past, my brain was full of evil, but, now I identify as a human being.
FIRDOUS: First I like to thank Sadathullah Khan Sir and TSSF for giving me this golden opportunity to attend this workshop. It is wonderful, and I feel that at least once in their life time, everyone should attend this workshop. I feel such relief that I cannot explain. I learned how to make a choice from the heart and not decisions from the mind. I let go of my past and forgave everyone. It will take some time to recover from my two years of depression, but, I will overcome it.
ARFEE: Before, ‘she is bad,’ ‘she is wrong,’ ‘how can she get that when she is not deserving,’ ‘why me?’, ‘what will happen now?’, I would judge everything and anyone. There was absolute confusion, hypocrisy, doubts, unwillingness to accept what Allah gave me. But, now I have thrown away all the rubbish. I feel light, and the mind is at peace. I realized that I do not have to worry about the future, Allah is in the present, and He is always there. My relationship has become open with my family,; I feel free to share with them now.
ABDULLAH: Now, I realized how a true Muslim should ‘Be.’ I now realized how I wronged myself, hurting the feelings of others, friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, teachers, students and much more. May Allah guide me to the straight path of truth. I express my heartfelt thanks to the organizers and Dr. Sadath for enlightening me.
MUNIRUL ISLAM: I gained an insight after attending this workshop. One of my favorite songs of Michael Jackson is “Heal the world; let’s make it a better place for you, for me and the human race.” Whenever I listened to this song, I wondered how to make it a better place, how to heal the wounded world. After attending this workshop, I realized that if I want to make it a better place than it is ‘I’ who must hange first. And, how to change myself, I discovered it in this workshop. Once, I can connect with Allah through my heart, life will be full of love, enjoyment, and peace. To know Allah is to know oneself and to know oneself is to know Allah. We should always connect to Allah, and then everything will fall into place gradually, and life will be full of happiness. If I am happy, then my surroundings will be happy, and at peace, that is how we will be able to create a better world to live, it is so simple.
RIMSHA: I learned many things which I cannot explain in words, its a heart touching workshop. I experienced a lot of changes in myself. My family was very happy; I enjoyed with my son and the problem I was facing with my husband, I felt relaxation in my life. I am very happy with the workshop, and I would love to attend this workshop again and again. If I would not have attended the workshop, I would have regretted it all my life.