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Disconnecting From the Evil – Connecting to the Good

One of the Best Three Days of My Life
Coming Out of Our Shells in South Africa
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Journey of Self Discovery From South India to Srinagar
The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Aliya Institute and International Academy, Darul Islam, Chemnad, Paravanadukam, Kasaragod, Kerala on the 31, 1, and 2nd August, 2015 for the teachers and the management staff. Also in Bangalore on the 14,15 and 16 August, 2015 for students, men and women, and in the International Islamic School, Srinagar for the teachers and the staff on the 21, 22 and 23rd August 2015.
Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.





  • I am able to defeat the enemy in myself.
  • It was a great opportunity to change our life style.
  • It helped me to recognize the enemy inside me and live a new life.
  • Amazing presentation, good topics and great explanation.
  • Eye opener for our problems both for Duniya and Akhirah.
  • Kept us hooked from the beginning till the end!!
  • It is a nice way to understand the world of illusions and the realistic world.
  • It was quite different and an innovative workshop, a mind refreshing workshop.
  • It helped me to disconnect from the evil and connect to the good.
  • Muslim Ummah needs someone to guide them to lead a peace and successful life, and this workshop does it.
  • The workshop was very interesting, powerful, energetic and a life changing experience. I got courage and confidence.
  • I have got a mind to face reality and to find out the fact that the enemy is inside me.
  • I could avoid my prejudice and my family members are seeing me as a good person after the workshop.
  • The way I used to think about myself, complaining, blaming others, everything has come to a full stop. I would have really missed this if I had not attended. I feel a great change inside me.
  • I could realize the actual reasons behind my problems. I got solutions for my worries, tensions and anxiety.
  • This workshop has helped me to become a better ‘Muslim’. Got an opportunity to go deeper into our faith, rituals and day to day life.

NASIRUDDIN UMARI: It has influenced my thoughts. Try your best to spread such workshops everywhere as possible at the earliest. If I would have not participated, it would have been a great loss.
DR. JALEEL: Three days of invaluable source of self realization and four days of irreplaceable presence of an extra ordinary person is what I would like to call it. Throughout the workshop, one or the other thing kept on opening and we were flabbergasted to realize that these are the simple things which were lying there unnoticed. If coaching is to give the ability and to remove the veil, yes Sadathullah sahib has given us the ability, and the veil has been removed. The simplicity I found in him, made it very easy for us to digest whatever he said. The way of presentation was fabulous, the content transacted was stupendous, the openings were ineffable and the changes he brought was phenomenal.
PROF.GAFFAR: The workshop was very interesting, inspiring and mind opening. The information gathered could be applied in day to day life. More time could have been given for question and answer sessions and interactions.
PUSHPAKUMARI: The workshop was wonderful. Now I have learned to accept the reality and to move on. If each and every individual starts accepting the reality, the society will change. There will be peace all over the world. The workshop should also be conducted for the younger generation.
GEETHA: It was very useful. Before attending this workshop I did not know who am I? What had happened to me in the past, I was constantly blaming myself. But now, I changed my way of thinking. It made me to accept reality and how to deal with my problems. Ultimately, the way to live a peaceful life. Now I discovered myself.
MURLEEDHARAN: It was outstanding, mind blowing and interesting three days with this transformative workshop. It was a wonderful experience and a life changing workshop. It helped me to remove and clear many negative thoughts from my mind and I am able to concentrate now. It gave me an opportunity to realize who I am.
NAYAKA: Before the workshop, my mind was full of confusion and now I feel free. I could control my short temper and got the courage to face the crowd. It is the best way to come out from darkness to light. It showed how to live as human beings. It is a life changing experience.
SUKANAYA: I discovered myself who I am? After attending this workshop my life has changed.
ARIFA: This is the second time I am attending this workshop after two years. When I went back after the first workshop, I was a changed person and eventually things slowed down and a lot of garbage started building up. So I am happy that I got this opportunity again . Once again, the garbage has gone and now I have to keep cleaning the mess. Alhamdulillah, it’s a true eye opener and I am no more a victim of my anger.
GHANI (14years): I was very lazy, stubborn, short temper etc. After attending this workshop for three days, it opened my eyes, mind and heart and made me to walk on the straight path. I think this workshop was awesome and helpful to me. I want to thank my parents for suggesting to me to attend this workshop. I think this is not a workshop, this is a home where people make their life at this home. Taking decisions and understanding our life is very difficult and sensitive, but here we got to know how we should take decisions for a successful and happy life. Thank you Sadath Sir!
KHALID: Disoriented, unfocused, procrastinator etc. are just some of the words that describe my life up until this point. However, Alhamdulillah, after the workshop, I feel I have relieved an epiphany and I feel elated, relieved and light. This is because I am just beginning to practice the Art of ‘LA’.
ASIF: This workshop was quite interesting, impressive and life changing. At the first few hours of the workshop I thought it was confusing and boring but later I found it useful for me and my family. After the workshop, many questions and misconceptions got erased from my mind, also blaming, reasoning and questioning got erased. I will not allow my ego to govern me. This workshop changed me and gave me light for my inner soul. It brought me into light out of darkness. I will say here that everyone should attend this workshop at least once in a life time because this workshop is the best way to come out from darkness to light.
NAAZIA: Before the workshop, I was quite depressed due to many things. Now I really got peace of heart and mind. My family found lot of changes in me from the past three days. I came to understand my parents, relatives, neighbors and friends better. I pray to Allah that He should give me the full strength to practice. I am thankful to the management for conducting such a worthy workshop.
FAROOQ: I was full of negativity and always in the past or worried about the future. I lived in a life that has already gone. I have gone through many phases of life from my childhood. But this workshop changed my view towards it. I will help myself first and others also. I have high regards for the person who brings blind people to see reality. Thank you.