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Discovering the Purpose of Life in Mumbai

The Magic of Discover Yourself TT6!
Schedule of Discover Yourself Workshop
One of the Best Three Days of My Life

The Discover Yourself Workshop was organised by
Mercy Mission, Mumbai, on the 13,14, and 15th December 2013. Some of the participants share their experiences.
TAMMANA: Alhamdulillah, this workshop has changed my life. Before the workshop, my whole life was a burden and now I am completely free of all the burdens. I am newly married and I was feeling my husband really does not understand me, but now I came to know I could not understand myself. This workshop was very much beneficial to me.
BUSHRA: A real eye opener. Before the workshop I was very stuck up, would get angry on self and on others easily, regret my decisions and also blame others. I would expect a lot from other people and get very upset on not fulfilling it. I had pride about myself and would look down on certain people. After the workshop I have realized I have to take responsibility of my life as I am only answerable to Allah for my deeds. My family was kind of a shocked wondering what was wrong with me because I was open to discussions unlike the previous me who was always angry.
SAFIA: The workshop is truly amazing for every person to discover oneself. Before the workshop, I was lazy and self contented in my own fantasy world. Though I was forgiving, but got easily offended and hurt by others. Would judge others on the basis of hearing about them from others. Would nag and get irritated with my kids. After attending the workshop, I learnt to accept reality. I found a huge difference in my attitude and behaviour. My kids and family find it amazing to see the little difference in my attitude.
YASMIN: An eye opener for me. I started experiencing my salah in Jammat irrespective of differences. Really started enjoying relations in my family. Ready to give up my negatives and started appreciating the reality. Got to know myself as a person, the purpose of my life as a Muslim. I found myself to be a beautiful creation of Allah, Alhamdulillah.
AIMAN: It has shown the way of powerful life. Before the workshop I was short tempered, but now I am able to control it and handle the situation. The workshop has shown the way of life is to first ask the question to myself who am I? Recognize that I am a human being and to treat others similarly. This workshop is a way to spread love, peace and sharing it with others. You are doing a superb job, changing many lives.