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Dropping Burdens of Life in Bahrain

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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held on 28, 29 April and 01 MAY, 2016, in Bahrain. It was organized by the Indian Welfare Association, Bahrain.
Some of the participants share their experiences after the Workshop.

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  •  I stopped judging and blaming others.
  • I always used to find faults in my spouse, get irritated on petty silly things and get instantly irritated in traffic, but now I have control over myself.
  • It was an eye opener. It is the best character building workshop.
  • I was confused about myself, but now I know my True Self and my responsibilities.
  • I believe it helped me view my life clearly and give up all my negativities. Everyone should attend at least once in their life time.
  • I am glad my kids also attended this workshop this time as it teaches them the basic values of humanity.
  • Before I was judgmental, and reacted differently to situations from a negative perspective, but now I look at things differently from the humanity perspective.
  • Best experience to remove the burden of life and connect to Almighty Allah.
  • An eye opener, I found the answers and solutions which I was searching for within myself.
  • I came to know what my family feels about some strengths which I never knew I had. We all are born pure, it’s just that each person has his/her own perspective “Accept It” !
  • Amazing life changing experience. Feel light from inside and it changed my Inner Self.
  • I got back my self-esteem and self respect after this workshop which was lost.
  • It was good to attend this workshop. It highlighted many hidden corners of my life.
  • It is really a life changing learning experience, helped in changing me to be a better human being.
  • It helped me to see the world how it is, being present consciously. Learnt to differentiate things and helped me to connect and come close to Allah.
  • My perspective changed towards others and I learnt to accept the reality. It was truly inspirational.
  • Excellent to rectify our self. My family has shown me the true picture of myself.

FAIZA: Before the workshop, I was finding faults in others when I felt insulted, I was comparing, judging and having wrong views of others, had lots of burdens in life. Now, I got rid of the burden in my life. Learnt that the mistake was with my view and not with others. I have changed and my family members could feel the changes. It changed my view of seeing the world entirely.

HINA: The experience was wonderful, soul cleansing and got to learn and share so much. My aunt’s daughter has asthma, after attending the workshop she realized, she should stop asking the question Why me? My salah has improved by being present and listening to what I am reciting.

UZMI: I discovered a new “ME.” Life has more to offer if we submit to Allah and accept the reality. I feel like a burden has been removed. Life transforming experience and my perspective of life has changed.