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Schedule of Discover Yourself Workshop
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Filling the Chasm Between Islamic Teachings and Psychology

Discover Yourself workshop conducted by Islamic Voice editor Sadathullah Khan on 16,17 & 18 January at Sea Sand Resort, Mandarmoni Beach, West Bengal.

Some of The Participants Share Their Experiences:

  • The workshop was ecstatic. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sir’s energy is contagious. After this pandemic, this workshop was a real need at this hour.
  • I learned how to protect myself from the urgings of the lower self.
  • The workshop is a way to transform oneself.
  • Alhamdulillah, I was blessed and lucky to attend this workshop,
  • This workshop was extremely useful, and it helped me to control anger.
  • It was a wonderful way to connect to God and to discover myself.
  • I learnt many things from DYS, but the main thing I got is that we must first be human beings and then Muslims.
  • What I got is to focus on one’s inner transformation.
  • What I liked best is the understanding that if we start implementing and living Quran in our own life there would be no disputes. ‘Do not use the Quran, but live it’
  • The workshop was a turning point for me. It has given me a lot of power to deal with my depression.
  • This workshop made me realize the inner bitterness regarding my life and my family and I have learnt the strategy to come out of it.

SIDDIKA: It is very much needed to become a true human being. Attending with the family helped me to practice many of the distinctions of the workshop. The whole family is happy and in a peaceful state, Alhamdulillah, after attending this workshop.

TASNIM: It is exceptionally good; my life is better than in the past. So many things have changed in my life. Now, I can adjust and accept myself very easily. I would have missed something valuable had I not attended the workshop, and it is really good to change my life.

NAJMUL: Before the workshop, I was confused and my life was a puzzle. Right now, I am free and enjoying my life. Before, I could not distinguish between haq and batil. I was living in batil (false world) and now I am in the world of haq (Reality).

SHAH ALAM: The workshop helped me understand who I was and where I am. Before this workshop, I was against any type of workshop. I did not find workshops to be beneficial because I did not find people implementing even a single thing after attending any workshop—their character remained the same.  But if this type of workshop is held often, it will help us to change, slowly and steadily.

NAFISA: The three days of the workshop will remain memorable. I would have missed something valuable had I not attended it. Many things have changed in my life after attending it. I became more patient, less angry and more able to balance difficulties and adjust very easily to situations. The entire family enjoyed the workshop and tried to change their unhealthy habits into good habits.

SHAGUFTA: I attended the workshop for the first time. Alhamdullilah, this workshop helped me change my perspective towards myself and life. Sadath sir very beautifully explained the dual nature of a human. May God put barakah in everyone’s life who were involved with this workshop. Ameen.

HAMEEDA: This workshop is greatly beneficial to those who are on the journey of discovering oneself. I really want to thank Sadath sir from the bottom of my heart for being a mirror to show us our own reality.