One of the Best Three Days of My Life

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One of the Best Three Days of My Life

Sadia Farheen
The Key To Your Life’s Surroundings!
Soul Searching in Serene Srirangapatna!

Discover Yourself workshops were held on the 28-30 October 2022 at Integral Foundation School, Toli Chowk, Hyderabad, and on the 4-6 November 2022 at AIIL SG Mayor Hall, Andheri, Mumbai

Some of the Participants Share Their Experiences:
• One of the best three days of my life.
• It is a completely spiritual training workshop.
• A must for all psychologists and anyone trying to understand themselves and Muslims looking to connect deeper with Allah.
• I was with unclear mind with full of doubts regarding my family and relatives. The best thing about this workshop is the Reality Check. Alhamdulillah! All my doubts were cleared.
• I gained inner strength and self-confidence and I invite everyone to attend this workshop. It is VVV Excellent and Interesting.
• People talk about religion and its duties but here I learned to be a human being first and then automatically we become good Muslims.
• The workshop is brilliant and absolutely phenomenal. I was lost in the world and the worldly problems and now I have realized that everything starts with me.
• My stress was relieved, relieved myself from overthinking and evil thoughts. A good way to bring people to the straight path.
• I realized that all human beings are equal, and it is the opinion that creates all mess. I loved the journey within myself, and the reality was something too good beyond everything.
• It changed my context of seeing things’ No judgment and see as it is. Excellent workshop to erase misconceptions about your life.
• This workshop is one’s own journey, oneself into one’s inner self and it is brilliant.
• I realized my life purpose is to serve human beings irrespective of any differences because the difference is in the mind not in reality.
• It is valuable. I discovered myself and surrendered myself to Allah and accepted reality. It was amazing and wonderful.
• The whole workshop is based on valuable values. As well as precious. Alhamdulillah! Thank you so much for the life change coach.

SANNA: Jazakallah Khair! For this amazing workshop. These three days were insightful ad some information that I never thought of before, I was able to get. I am going to inculcate all the values slowly but willingly and will keep them with me throughout my life. May Allah protect you always and give you help, assistance, long life, and energy, to continue this amazing workshop in connecting people to Allah and themselves. Ameen!!

JUVERIA: This workshop was eye-opening. Now, I am not scared of criticism from people. I feel more positive day by day and I got hope that I can do better, and I will do better. I believe, whatever happens, it’s for my own good, and by Allah’s will! I trust the timings of my life and learned that every moment, I have a choice to change my life. I felt, and my family has seen a slight change in me, my energy, my body language, etc.,

ANWAR: My life was completely inside the hardware (Mind), thinking over everything. Dealing with Waswassa was the most difficult task, but after attending I got clarity. Understood many hadiths about the heart as to what Allah is telling me. I am relaxed now. My feelings for the family have changed, seeing from the view of Being and treating equally.

SABIHA: Before the workshop, I was confused about the concepts. I was stuck in past experiences. After the workshop, I feel positive energy entering me. Insha Allah, I will work on my negative attitude and strive to change myself.

NILOFER: The workshop is a very useful, great, joyful, and mindful experience. I was so disturbed and stressed but now I am really feeling good inside. I learned so many things which I cannot explain but I got something that will change me more in the future in shah Allah.

AYESHA: It is an eye-opener and an amazing workshop. The first day after the workshop I opened up myself. I cried, hugged my mum, and let my fear away. I shared all my feelings. I felt at peace and accepted the fact that all is by Allah.

SHAIKH: After attending the workshop, I was very overwhelmed by the speaker and his practical approach to changing oneself from within that was powerful and I would have missed that if not attended the workshop. Family members were comfortable when I spoke to them, and my experience was very encouraging to motivate myself, and was very happy within.

SHABANA: Before the workshop was not knowing the submission to Allah’s will and was not accepting the truth. After the workshop, I submitted it to my Creator. Alhamdulillah! Now life is happy and cool.

NOORIN: My learning journey started very early in life. But I was not able to find a coach who can show me the realities and clear my confusion. But Alhamdulillah! I managed to attend the workshop and got clarity and answers to all my questions. This workshop should reach every corner of the world.