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Being Non-Judgmental in Jubail
Healing Yourself in Africa

My life-transformational journey started in 2004, when I first attended your workshop in Mysore as final year B.sc student. I thank my father for not listening to my reasons to escape the workshop. I had a genuine reason for not attending the workshop as my final exams were a week ahead and I had not studied the entire year. I was academically very poor and had failed in 2nd PUC and carried 2-years’ backlog to the final year of my B.SC course”¦But miracles started after attending the workshop”¦ Guess what??In the final year, I passed all papers, with good marks and the 2-years’ backlog as well.
I took charge of my life. I decided to do an MBA, and excelled in it. I worked in an MNC for more than a decade and am now an entrepreneur.
I am someone who is from a small town. I was fearful to even cross a road alone. But now I can independently handle complex situations of life (tending to my bedridden grandmother, taking my father to hospital in the middle of the night he had a massive heart attack dealing with a financial crisis, dealing with major health issues of the family, taking the decision to marry, and now dealing with an ADHD child). Someone who hardly entered the kitchen or cleaned the house proved to be an expert within a week of marriage.
All this is only due to DYS teachings, as this workshop empowers us to live in the present and in submission mode.
DYS is oxygen for my life. I am empowered to live fearless and move on in life, in good, bad and worst times, only by applying the universal laws that you have shared with us.
I pray everyone goes through this miraculous journey through the DYS workshop. Thanks Sir for changing my life and that of so many other people. I am short of words to express my gratitude for the workshop.