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Q: In different religions, it is said that we must love God””in fact, that we must love God above everything and everyone else. If we can sense something through one or more of our sense organs, it is possible to love that thing. Now, since, as far as I know, God cannot be known through the sense organs, how, in your opinion, do you think it is possible to love God? It is possible to love someone or something that one has seen. But how, in your view, is it possible to love God, whom we cannot see with our physical eyes? ‘Tabassum’

A: The context of every human being is to seek the love of God. Let us first know something about who God is.
Human beings try to define God and try to understand God from their limited perspective. But man can never define or perceive God from his dual mind as God is infinite. If God had not established the communication system through His Prophets and Books, we could never have known the truth.
We must have a clear distinction between God and human beings. God alone can say who He is. God is The Truth, the Absolute Reality, the Ultimate Reality and the One and only Reality. He is the Creator, and everything else is His creation. Human beings are one of His creations, and He has granted us free will. Man has the freedom of choice to either accept or to reject the truth””there is no compulsion here. With his free will, man creates his reality, and hence the majority of human beings are in illusion, maya, or deception, living in a world of opinions, judgments and interpretations. When stuck in their self-created reality, they believe that it is the truth, and hence live their whole life in deception or blindness.
The Roman Emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius (121-180 CE) says: ‘Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.’
When God does not fit in your logic and reason, your rational mind rejects the Absolute Truth, like the Satan (Iblis) rejected God’s command to bow before Adam as it did not fit in his logic and reason. When you reject the truth, It also means that you think your logic and reason are superior to the Absolute Truth. And if you are stuck in your rational mind, you get disconnected from reality.
In addition to the rational faculty, God has bless man with the intellect, the power to distinguish between good and evil and between truth and falsehood. The seat of this faculty is the heart. However, some people’s hearts have become harder than rocks. There are locks upon their hearts. Their hearts have gone blind and refuse to accept the truth. In their hearts is a disease. Their hearts are sealed. Once the hearts are sealed, they have no access to the realization faculty, and hence are deprived of humanity. Then they survive using only the sense and rational faculty, independent of God. God created us as human beings, but we fall to a level below the animals. Once our humanity disappears, love, compassion, and recognition of our mutual interdependence disappears, and hence God disappears from our awareness.
We are here to experience God. You can love God when you love His creatures, and when you love His creatures, you experience Him. The context of all human beings is to seek God’s love. You love God’s creatures for the sake of God. God loves those who are merciful, kind and compassionate to His creatures. God loves those who are just to His creatures, and so on. And when God loves us, He also grants us the eternal blissful life.