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Three Enlightening Sundays of Ramadan!

A Life Changing Workshop! – Every Student must Attend!
The Art of Accepting Reality
Getting the Context Aligned!

Ramadan Spiritual Discourses were held on the 4, 11 and 18th of June 2017, in Masjid-e-Mamoor, Koramangala, Bengaluru.
The discourses were presented by Dr A.W. Sadathullah Khan

Some of the participants share their experiences:

  • Indeed, very inspiring discourses. We get to understand how to deal with the challenges of life and also introspect within ourselves.
  • These discourses really helped me in understanding Islam and more importantly on how to live life. Your examples really helped in understanding the concepts better.
  • This discourse has enlightened my mind, and changed my lifestyle. Please host workshops on marital disputes and solutions.
  • The discourse was an excellent eye opener for us to know the root cause of problems in a crystal clear way.
  • I have learned valuable lessons in this discourse. I pray that more people conduct such discourses.
  • The discourse was excellent and thought provoking, especially the simple way of delivery of speech was really very good. The ‘Denial’ concept was the best I have ever heard.
  • An eye opener session for what we are doing currently, and to what we should do actually.
  • Successfully, you have indentified our inner problems with solutions. May Allah give you good health, and happiness to your family.

USAID: The distinctions were explained very beautifully. It has given me a lot of clarity and peace. The moment I apply the distinctions to all my recent worries and concerns, it gives me a new perspective and I feel peaceful. For the same external situations, my internal thoughts have changed and it gives me a sense of calmness and peace instantly.

TAMANNA: Alhamduillah, the discourse was beneficial to my judgmental (rational)mind as well as to the ‘Qalb’ (realization-heart ). The whole explanation of Good and Evil has enlightened me to choose my responses using the triple test- Truth and Falsehood, Good and Evil , Beneficial and Harmful. It has also helped me to come closer to Deen with all my heart. Thank you for guiding us, and wish to attend many more such workshops by you.

AYAZ: Alhamdulillah, the sessions were enlightening, to understand oneself. What I got is that we should keep reminding ourselves, about how Allah wants us to lead our lives. It is a constant reminder which allows us to realize what we are. Because in today’s world, knowledge is easy to acquire, but living with the knowledge and living it in our times is something which gives us success.

ALI: A good discourse on how to distinguish Good from Evil using one’s conscious- intellect. The presentation is excellent with lot of passion and knowledge pumped into it. Thanks for making us aware of our inner-self where Good and Evil exist together. What we choose in our actions in dealing with situations and people is up to us.

SALMA: This whole discourse was very beneficial to me and I had never been to such a seminar before. Nobody tells us how to live because we think it’s automatically within us, but after listening to all that you said, you showed us the path of truth, and a way of life of success. Thanks for making life simple, easy and giving life a whole new meaning. Very, very inspiring, Jazakallah Khair.

M.KHAN: An excellent presentation of facts of life and the way to connect every aspect and of life to the submission path. The realization (diagnoses) is the route to our transformation and this has been clearly brought out.

MEHTAB: The discourses were truly inspiring as an eye opener in today’s world and much needed. This has helped in guiding us in the right direction to move around selflessly and put ourselves in the right perspective. The values imbibed here will guide us in the right direction if implemented practically.
(The talk is available on U Tube- Ramadan Spiritual Discourse)