Brilliant, Eye-opening,  Enlightening Experience.  A Need of the Hour for All

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Brilliant, Eye-opening, Enlightening Experience. A Need of the Hour for All

Ramadan is Over! But Character Training Goes on!
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Discover Yourself Workshop was held on the 27,28,29 May 2023 at Al-Ameen College, Bangalore

Some of the Participants share their Experiences:
• Brilliant, eye-opening, and definitely a paradigm shift. Need of the hour for the youth, children, adults, and all.
• It was excellent, valuable, and refreshing.
• I can understand better now and remain cool when another person speaks to me.
• It was an enlightening experience. The need for the Ummah should spread to smaller towns and rural areas.
• It changed my perspective of seeing others. I will not judge and create opinions but be and truth.
• I have the tools now, need to apply them in day-to-day life to derive the full benefit.
• It taught me how to take Duniya and Akhirah together.
• It helped me understand the fundamentals of life and character on a much deeper level.
• It is a must and it helped me reboot myself.
• Enlightening. I have the tools now, need to apply them in day-to-day life to drive the full benefit.

HEMANT KUMAR: I discovered about myself. Before the workshop, I was frustrated, anxious, and easily pick up fights without any reference point. After the workshop feel relieved. My family feels rejuvenated after I shared it with them. I now look with an eye of the Divine for all the human beings on the planet. The workshop was excellent and fantastic and should spread to everyone.

UMAIBAN: A very wonderful experience. This workshop gave me a different way to think, analyze problems, and not react immediately to any situation. I always used to react and judge immediately that is the biggest problem we are creating in our life. After the workshop, I learned to control and stop judging others.

JABEEN: This workshop kicks our senses and opens our minds to understand what is right and wrong in our life. I used to get angry about minor things and after attending the workshop it helped me in many ways to keep up relations and know the value of life.

TANZEEM: A hope-giving, refreshing, and rejuvenating workshop. If I did not attend one of the most precious things would have missed, that is my context and connection to Allah. It softened my heart and I got a moment of realization as to how short our life is and how vainly we are running towards vain desires. It gave me a little strength and patience to deal with myself and my loved ones. I realized my mistakes regarding how I treated my family members because they were not going according to my wishes and suggestions.

SIDRA: Before the workshop, I wanted to change myself and better my relationships but struggle to find the motivation to do so. After the workshop, I found the motivation to actually put in the effort to better myself as a person.

NIAMATH: A perfect workshop to develop oneself and very interesting. I felt modest and empowered, while everyone tried to provoke me, and I kept quiet Alhamdulillah I felt like the smartest person in the room. My parents were proud and happy. I would like to appreciate your hard work and dedication. I will give up my ego and I will honour my word.