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What We Came Here For

Very Powerful Paradigm Shift
The Magic of Discover Yourself TT6!

By Firdos Tarannum

We came here for a journey of ten days
To see our inner self incredibly raised.
We here are of different professions,
But we all are here for a spiritual session.
First, we saw different people and of different types
But differences cleared out after looking into each other’s eyes.
We came looked into each other’s worlds
And tried to reproduce each other’s words.
We later came to know that the problem is
The whispers that are from mind or Satan.
Somebody judged you, and you became low
Which made your life extremely slow.
We become depressed at others’ opinions
Ignoring reality and dying in interpretations.
You are the one who’s losing yourself
Thank you for helping us meet our inner self.
I hope that what we all are here for
May Allah help us to attain that all!

(Firdos Tarannum is a student and a teacher in Raichur and participated in the Discover Yourself Train-the-Trainers workshop in Bangalore in December 2019)