Discover Yourself Workshop in Malaysia A Highly Effective Means to Explore our Inner Selves

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Discover Yourself Workshop in Malaysia A Highly Effective Means to Explore our Inner Selves

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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Nairobi on the 27 and 28th February 2016
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Feedback from participants of the Discover Yourself workshop conducted at Kelab Shah Alam Selangor, Malaysia on January 13th and 14th, 2024:

• The workshop offers a unique perspective on life, fostering a positive approach towards humanity.”
• “A highly effective means to explore our inner selves.”
• “The workshop is impactful, comprehensive, and yields tangible results.”
• “I’ve found myself closer to the straight path, appreciating its commendable approach.”
• I feel a lasting connection to Allah SWT, shaping a lifetime commitment.”
• “Confidence has grown not just as a Muslim but as a Momin. The workshop brought clarity, relief, and peace.”
• “Now, I have clarity, a sense of relief, and peacefulness. A truly effective workshop.”
• “The workshop experience stands out from conventional lectures or sermons, providing practical insights without relying solely on books or lectures.”
• “It aided in anger control and taught the valuable skill of submitting to reality.”
• “My advice: attend at least once; it’s crucial in a world transforming individuals into machines.”
• “Feeling motivated, mentally fortified, and notably more positive after the workshop.”
• “Every individual should partake in this workshop. Previously, I perceived everyone around me as problematic, but now I see not through deception.”
• “Highly beneficial; it assisted in resolving personal issues, letting go of fear, ego, and ceasing to blame others. I am determined to live in the present.”
• “Useful and instrumental in positive decision-making for the future. Missing it would mean missing something invaluable.”

ROZANI: “I’ve strengthened my connection with Allah SWT for a lifetime. Confidence has grown, living not just as a Muslim but as a Momin. The workshop provided clarity, relief, and peace. I am committed to making a positive impact on the Muslim community.”

ANIBA: “A crucial lesson learned is that all stress originates from negative thoughts. Distinguishing between good and evil, accepting the former, and rejecting the latter have been transformative. The workshop equipped me with a process to purify my heart.”

KHALID: “This workshop is truly fantastic. I feel more adept at connecting with people efficiently.”

MIRZA: “Discover Yourself workshops serve as valuable reminders and sources of learning. This workshop helped me break free from the dilemma of right and wrong, guiding me to be a genuine human being.”

SAMRIN: “It helped uncover my inner Islam, fostering a commitment to be a compassionate human being. Post-workshop, I aspire to be genuine, patient, and to treat my family, especially my children, with kindness.”

ABDULLAH: “I’ve achieved a greater sense of calmness and presence in reality. The transformative journey has provided insights on addressing life problems at their core.”

RAYYAN: “The workshop deeply influenced my decision-making process. Life, I’ve realized, is not just about right and wrong; it’s about truth (haq) or falsehood (Batil), good or evil. The workshop instilled in me the value of being in a state of nothingness, the power of submission, and the understanding that we are always in Jannah; our reactions, opinions, judgments, etc., are what move us out of paradise.”