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Transformative Insights: Reflections from the “Discover Yourself” Workshop
Snapping Out from an Imaginary World

The ‘Discover Yourself’ Workshop was organised by SAFI Institute of Advanced Study (SIAS) on the 22, 23 and 24th November 2014 in the Campus. SAFI Institute of Advanced Study (SIAS) is a centre for research and higher education. It is the academic wing of Social Advancement Foundation of India (SAFI). SIAS is partly residential and is located on a vast campus of about 150 acres, 22 kms from Kozhikode City towards Calicut Airport. It was set up on August 29. 2005. (www.siasindia.org). The Trustees, management, faculty members and students participated in the workshop.


Some of the participants shared their experience after the Workshop
* The workshop was energetic and I got positive energy.
* The workshop connects Islam with the reality of life.
* It has helped me to view life from a different perspective.
* It helped me to remove the veil that covered the reality, the ultimate truth.
* A wonderful workshop, every human being should attend and know the purpose of living.
* I feel relaxed and I found that most of the knots in my brain got unwounded.
* The workshop was excellent and energetic.

SOMAYA: Before the workshop, I was a person with lot of fear and was very sceptical. But after the workshop, I could look upon myself as a different person. I started loving myself. I got the courage, inner strength to face life and reality. I believe my life would be beautiful from today.
RAJANI: Before the workshop, I was short tempered, external life was hell and was always in the past or the future. Now I can analyse myself where I missed the track of inner peace. I have now realised that happiness, sorrow, anger and depression is all that I created by myself. My husband is happy that I forgave the person whom I hated a lot.
SERVIN WESLEY: I usually never attend these types of workshops; I thought they were worthless, but once I experienced this workshop I am really able to realise where I stand. And I was not in reality. Most of the time I was connected to the external world with full of questions, but now I have stopped asking questions and I am peaceful. Thank you for providing me a nice opportunity to realise myself.
SHIMANARAJ: First I thank you so much for this wonderful workshop. I have never experienced this kind of workshop in my life. After the workshop, I understood a lot of things. I understood the clear definition of a human being. I really liked your presentation, it was so inspiring and the way you presented was awesome using simple language.
SHAHID: I am a God fearing person, even though I often failed to manage stress, anxiety, confusion and indecisiveness etc. Now, I could able to find the root cause of all the problems and found the tools to solve them. Another important aspect I observed in the workshop is that it was entirely different and a unique way of presenting Islam to people.
SABA: Due to some incidents that happened in my life, I always asked ‘Why me always’. I tried to become more patient to find out inner peace. Read a lot and went to counselling etc. Now I understood and realised what is the exact reason behind my pain and suffering, thank you sir. Now I have a belief that I can control myself and have the ability to distinguish Huq and Batil.