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Embarking on the Path of Leadership: My Journey of Discovery
People’s Hearts have Become Harder than Rocks
30 Lessons learnt at Discover Yourself Workshop in Malaysia, hosted on the 13th-14th, January2024.

By Khandakar Mahiul Haque
I have attended four Discover Yourself Workshops by Sadath Sir so far, and three Train-the-Trainer Workshops! In January 2016, I attended the Workshop as part of the Al-Ameen Mission team. This was followed by the Workshops in 2017, 2018 and 2019. My wife and our two kids attended the Workshop in October 2019. One of my children was just seven months then!
My father was a medical doctor and I was the youngest among the three brothers. When he fell sick, he began to worry a lot. This affected me as I used to wonder why, being a doctor, he was worrying about his sickness. When my father passed away, my mind became blank and I lost meaning in my life.
I was married and had a family, yet I wondered why I was living, what was my purpose in life? These questions bothered me a lot. But after attending the DYS three-day Workshops, I began to see clearly the meaning of my life. When my younger child was born, there were some complications and I was told to take the baby to another hospital as there was no intensive care unit in the hospital where my baby was born. You can imagine my anxiety. Because of God’ grace and the workshop insights I got, I was able to handle this emergency, accept it as a reality and do the best I could. Later in life too, when I faced challenging situations or times when I would become angry, the Workshop techniques came to good use.
After attending the DYS TT 6 I must confess that Sadath Sir has aligned me to the context and now I know I will Insha Allah lead a life of peace. I wish to introduce the Discover Yourself Workshop to friends from diverse faith backgrounds too in future.