Connecting to the Inner Self and to Allah

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Connecting to the Inner Self and to Allah

Let Satan Out of Your Lives
A Brilliant Workshop

In the present busy and capitalist world where the greed for achieving more and more wealth is increasing among the masses, there has been a vacuum of contentment, peace, happiness, and tranquility. Such a vacuum is seen among those who seem to be apparently religious. They too face problems in dealing with the people around them and the society they live in. There is a sort of chaos and confusion-like situation. People get anxious, frustrated, and depressed most of the time and they are habitual of expressing their anger often when things don’t go their way with the result blame game goes on, and thereby peace and happiness are rarely visible in families that comprise individuals.

To me, the reason behind this is that we don’t know ourselves. We don’t know ‘Who am I’? and the things like ‘What potential do I have inside’? ‘How I can be at integrity with the outer world’? ‘What is the purpose of my creation in this world’? ‘How I can be at peace with myself’? ‘How the external world will not affect my interior’? and ‘How I can face the challenges of life with utmost courage and peace inside me’? Our whole focus nowadays is on our exterior self, our outer personality like how we can look more beautiful, how we have to pray, utter some supplications, try to express before others that I am happy (though not within), etc. and we thereby neglect working on ourselves internally or working on our inner self which is of prime importance as Allah(SWT) says in the Holy Quran,

“Verily Allah does not change a people’s condition unless they change their inner selves” (13:11).

From this verse, this is very clear that unless and until we don’t change ourselves from within, our external can’t be changed. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to work on bringing the transformation from within, a thing that is being neglected nowadays.

If we go back to the times of Prophet Muhammad SAW and observe hismentorship or leadership keenly, we find that the first 13 years of hisprophethood in Makkah were wholly and solely dedicated and spent on bringing the transformation of people from within and it took him 13 complete years to work on that and the result and fruit of that hard work were seen in the later 10 years of hisprophethood in Medinah where it was observed that whatever and howsoever any instruction of Allah (SWT) came e.g., about the observance of fast; Pardah; wine being prohibited; the command of Jihad Fi Sabilillah; etc. the Muslimsfollowed that in letter and spirit without an iota of giving it a second thought. They were the people of Sami’na wa ata’ana” (We heard and we obeyed). Such obedience to Allah’s commandments was only possible because their inner selves weretransformed and then the external transformed itself.

Hence in order to live a life of complete submission to Allah (SWT) and thereby live a life of utmost happiness and peace, working on my inner self is very important and in today’s modern times I find none other than the three-dayDiscover Yourself workshop of Sadathullah Khanis beneficial in this regard.

Sadat Sir beautifully, intelligently, and wisely demonstrates how a human being can get connected to his interior self; be aware of the whispers of Satan (your clear enemy) 24 hours a day and in turn,submit to the will of Allah (SWT) whichthereforehelps him to understand what the word ‘Islam’ means in its true sense and then live a life of utmost bliss. Since I have been a part of the DYS workshop this year, I believe that everyone regardless of age and profession, living in any part of the world should attend the 3-dayDYS workshop of Sadat Sir wherever is feasible for a person because Sadat Sir conducts the DYS workshop in different parts of the world at different times. I myself am eager to find an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful workshop again in my life In Sha Allah.

The workshop marvelously helps to get connected to the innerself and then to Allah and therefore helps in accepting reality as it is and experiencing complete joy in life.