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The Discover Yourself Workshop was held in Nairobi on the 27 and 28th February 2016

Discovering Yourself in Delhi
Salaam America Giving and Gratitude
Spiritual Upliftment in Panvel

Organized by Lotus Welfare Association

Some of the Participants Share their Experiences:

SHEKHA: This is the third time I am attending the Workshop and I always learn something new. I am grateful to brother Sadath Khan for his generous contribution towards the society. May Allah reward him in this world and hereafter. Thank you very much for helping us with this journey of life. Thank you for making me realize that I am my own enemy and never blame anyone.
HANAN: My perspective has changed, life has a lot more to offer and I am not going to miss out on life because of my past experiences, I am letting go. It has helped to connect to my inner self. It is a life transforming experience.
MARIAM: I used to believe that I was always right and judge others, while I was wrong all the way. It has opened my eyes to the reality.
YUSUF: Life has become very simple, interesting, focused with my change of attitude towards the family. They see me as mentor, someone you can relate with, responsible, grateful, committed and accountable towards family.
NABILA: It brought changes in my life. My life was miserable, lots of questions which were unanswered but after attending the workshop I experienced the new ‘ME’.
NAIMA: It made me realize my purpose in this world and how to achieve it. To see things from a different perspective. Most of the time I was in denial mode, but after the workshop, I have learnt to submit and accept the reality.
SALWA: I was stuck in rut. I stopped progressing. I had the ‘knowledge’ but no ability. I was holding onto grudges very strongly and became very opinionated. I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I shared the experiences with my family and they responded very positively. The fog is lifting and the path ahead seems more clear than when I came in. I want to pursue all the opportunities presented to me especially with my studies and career.