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The Discover Yourself Workshop was hosted by Mother Care in Srinagar on 20,21 and 22 April 2018.
Some of the Participants share their Experiences:

  • A beautiful experience that I will take with me wherever I go. A food for the soul. A spiritual overhauling. It has infused a feeling of satisfaction.
  • I got to know about the methodology of submission of my will to the Almighty and to distinguish between truth and falsehood.
  • I took off the lenses and treated everyone as human beings.
  • The workshop changed my belief systems, I came out of falsehood. I stopped judging and complaining.
  • It is quite comprehensive and interesting. Easy to follow the guidelines shown in the workshop.
  • I learned a different perspective to understand human behaviour and emotions especially for Muslims to be close to Allah.
  • The workshop provides tools to connect with Allah.
  • My life changed after attending the workshop for the good. I am committed to being my word no matter what.
  • On the road to discovering myself. I let go of the emotional baggages, forgiving others and more importantly forgave myself.
  • I learned many things. I was really in the box and now I am out of the box.
  • It is an extraordinary and amazing workshop. It changed my mind set about life and way of living.
  • I knew all these things, I learned how to implement them. It connects to our inner selves.
  • It has changed my life remarkably! I was totally in denial, assumption, judgmental world and I am trying to come out. It is the need of the hour.
  • It was liberating. I can manage my anger as I know the source of anger. I can relate to the present, now better.

RUMANA: After attending the workshop I feel so much relieved since I dropped off the opinions, views, prejudices, perceptions, judgments etc, kind of liberated, I am now. I am now consciously responding and not reacting to the situations. I chose a submission way of life as against denial.

TAUSIF: My life before the workshop was so confusing. I learned what life is in the workshop and it is too good and was beneficial. I forgave others and the person who had hurt me. My experience with my family members was better than before. I like to suggest that the workshop was good, and it should be held everywhere in Kashmir.

As the saying goes: A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”
“Discover Yourself” Three-day workshop has given me the tools and the direction to use the tools towards self-discovery from a psychological and Islamic Perspective.
This is a unique approach and I applaud Dr. Khan for his hard work and personal insight and long pursuit and making it possible for others to take the steps towards “Discover Yourself”
Participating in the three-day workshop and as I read and reflect, I am encouraged and excited to find the means and ways to be what I have long desired and cherished. How to be a “Meaningful whole person”.
I believe this is a beginning and there is a need for ongoing work in pursuit of this laudable goal. This will require ongoing contact with the coach (Khan Sir) and more workshops participations with him in the coming months. I pray that we lay a foundation for this work here in the valley of Kashmir. I will work towards that.

ATAULLAH: The whole workshop is unique and an eye-opener. Now, I have a better understanding of being Allah conscious and an understanding of being realistic and accepting the reality of life. A step towards change in my behaviour. I would like Khan Sir to be supported in every way for his efforts.

SHAUKAT: From this workshop, I have now developed a positive attitude and many doubts have cleared. I will stop the blame game and will work for others. I will try to live in the present and forget the past. I will connect my heart with Allah as that is the only way to success in this world and in the next world.

Who do you think is the biggest deceiver?
Some deceive their parents.
While some deceive their lover
And some deceive the whole world
But none-among them is the biggest deceiver
But one who deceives himself.
Among them, all may enjoy their deception
But not the one who deceives himself – He suffers.

MALEEHAH: My way of thinking, behaving, reacting was different before the workshop. After the workshop, my way has changed a lot. I got inner peace which I never got while doing anything I desire. My family members are responding to me with good behaviour and I like it. I have a new feeling to express myself truly who I am, towards others.

UMAR: Before the workshop, I was caged with some grudges from the past, and some worries about the future, but after the workshop, I learned to accept things as they come up in life. I am feeling light in my heart as I no more hold on to things that I had been dragging along from the past. It opened some windows in my mind to live in the present and focus on reality rather than opinions. I want this workshop should be done at a bigger level.

SIRAJUDDIN: Indeed, this workshop is a source of transformation from denial to reality. It helped me to forget the past, forgive and to live in the present. While living in the present, make your tomorrow better. Never be swayed by the whispering of the Satan. I wish to have such workshops in Kashmir frequently.