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Some Top International Trainers and Coaches Share Their Views About the Discover Yourself Workshop

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Huma Ahmed (Trainer, Certified Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Author, Bahrain)
Discover Yourself Workshop by Sadathullah Khan is a one of a kind workshop delivering you more value than you can imagine at a price so low that you can’t believe it. You pay so less in exchange for so much. I am a Certified Life Coach, Trainer, and Author so my level and experience of the workshop were completely different from someone who hasn’t invested much or coached or trained people in personal development in order to become a better version of themselves. The workshop was packed with value, and I found the trainer extremely professional, organized, engaging and experienced in terms of knowledge and delivery. He delivered the workshop based on the audience using effective examples they could relate to pitching in humour to keep the mood light even with such a deep topic. I found many answers to the deeper questions of self-discovery and self-enhancement with many practical and simple tools to implement. When a Certified Self-Discovery and Mindset Coach who is well-acquainted with the science and art of coaching and personal development found such immense value, imagine how much would some-one who haven’t been on this path will.
As a person who regards approaching life through the lens of spirituality and as a Muslim, I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to gain clarity and design a life full of happiness, meaning, fulfillment and countless rewards not just for here but the Hereafter too.
My rating: 5 stars! If you really and truly love yourself, don’t think, just go for it. You will be glad you did.
Dr. Syed Habeeb (Author, Leadership Coach, Director Edu. and HR, Bengaluru)
A man who always stands for others to make a sizable and significant impact in their lives: that is Sadathullah Khan for you. I have had the privilege of interacting with Sadathullah Sab closely and found him all the while concerned and caring about others. A lateral thinker, Sadathullah is a man who feels for the masses and is always willing to sacrifice his own comfort to see others smiling. A God-conscious individual, Sadathullah walks the extra mile to fulfill his passion of making a difference at the grassroot levels of society and to the nucleus of any nation “the family”. He has successfully conducted scores of empowerment programs across the world, especially for women, and has brought about a transformation in their way of thinking and way of life. I wish him all the very best always!
Khadija Taylor (Trainer, Coach, Johannesburg, South Africa)
This course is amazing! It is based on how to move from the world of falsehood into the world of truth (‘Haq’). Words cannot do justice to this course. Please try attend. It is worth every moment. I have done meditation for over 40 years, attending positive thinking courses and have laboured to bring my mind in control. This course deals with the heart.
Mariam Roshnee (Trainer Coach, South Africa)
I have much to say to you Khan Saab, and I thank you. I am so grateful Alhamdulillah. May Allah grant you your rightful reward.
Rizwan Khaleel (Captain at Air India Express)
Sadathulla has been at it for years… What we refer to as success for him is only possible when the participant is successful. Sadathulla’s success is not important: the participant’s success is the focus. He encourages people to embrace humanity within…a deep sense of being united with all of humanity.
Ahmed Hussain (worked with Dr. Sadathullah in Alupco, Dammam, Saudi Arabia)
An exemplary personality, totally dedicated to the service of humanity. May Allah Shower immense mercies and blessings on him during his lifetime.
Fathima Khan, Trainer Coach, Botswana
This is what I got from the workshop: Discover Yourself is aptly referred to as a workshop because it is an interactive process of transformation. It is NOT a course with information that one can read and write an exam in order to pass. The workshop is unique because every human being can relate to it, from the most “illiterate” to the highest “qualified” as it takes you on a journey, back to the basics of life, which every human being yearns for to love and peace. After attending four workshops, I am now starting to feel a renewed energy that I want to share with others. I am not defined by a title or by how others see me. I am defined by my character. From this workshop, I have learned that love is a component of the heart and that every human being has love in our heart. Hatred is a product of the mind, born as a result of your own bad thoughts, which only you can get rid of. I want to thank Khan Saheb for showing me this way of life.